The 2010 Annual Bloody Hearts Fest: Psycho Beach Party

Maybe it was because I had a better idea of what to expect than everyone else, but I’m afraid I enjoyed Psycho Beach Party more than the rest of my friends. Sorry, guys. But, cowabunga!!!

Psycho Beach Party is a spoof on 60’s beach movies starring Lauren Ambrose, Nicholas Brendon, Thomas Gibson, and Amy Adams. Ambrose plays Florence, our naive, oh-so-sweet heroine, who just happens to have a split personality, Ann Bowman, who’s, well, less sweet. With people being horribly murdered, Florence seems the most likely suspect . . . but is she really the one killing her friends? Or is it . . . the Surfing God? The Exchange Student? The B Movie Actress? The Freakish Mother? Who knows?

The star of the show is definitely Lauren Ambrose. She’s funny as Florence, but she’s hands down hysterical as Ann, particularly when she’s sharing any scene with Thomas Gibson . . . oh, Thomas Gibson. If you’re a Criminal Minds junkie like I am, then this movie is a must, solely for him. You’ll never look at Hotch the same way again, I guarantee it. Also fun: Amy Adams, purely for playing a bitch, and everybody’s fantastic green-screen surfing scenes. Gosh, I wish it was that easy for me to surf!

Psycho Beach Party is a parody, simple as that. It doesn’t try to be anything bigger and frankly doesn’t need to. It’s just an hour and half of ridiculous topped with outrageous sprinkled with “he just said what?” I don’t much feel like quoting the whole movie, but let me give you a few gems so you have a better idea of what you’re getting in for, if you choose to watch this film:

“Mrs. Forrest, what were you doing at 9pm last night?”
“What any woman should be doing at 9pm. Needlepoint!”

“Kid, listen to it in high-fidelity, stereophonic sound: surfing’s a man’s domain. No minnows in the shark tank.”

“I’ve never been to an orgy before! What do I wear?”

If that’s not the kind of humor you’re into, skip the movie. That’s pretty much what this movie is. We aren’t talking, like, uber refined humor here. We’re talking a random chick in a wheelchair who insults everyone she meets, a pair of cross-dressing police officers, a dead guy with his one testicle shoved in his mouth. One guy pretty much rhymes the entire movie. Another guy is named Starcat. Personally, I thought it was funny as hell. But comedy’s pretty hard to judge for other people. Everyone’s got their standard of what’s hilarious and what’s just tasteless. For me, this landed on the good side. But that’s me.

Moral of the story: Er . . . tolerance? I’m coming up a little short here.

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