Scott Pilgrim Wins My Heart

Finally! I’m done moving reviews over from my LJ, so I am now free to talk about new stuff, i.e. SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE FREAKING WORLD!

I adored this movie.

Mek and I have been excited about seeing this one for months. We went to the midnight showing at the Roxy—I really can’t say enough about midnight showings. I know they’re too late for a lot of people, but going to see to an awesome movie with rowdy, opinionated geeks who have interesting conversations and make for great entertainment before the film . . . but who shut the hell up while the movie is going . . . it’s the best way to experience the cinema, I’m telling you.

Here are my 10 random notes about Scott Pilgrim:

1.) If I ever actually decide to make a movie, I’m not going to waste any money on paying for good actors, special effects, a working camera, whatever. I am instead going to spend every penny on hiring whatever marketing genius was behind Scott Pilgrim. Seriously, the promotion of this movie was insane. Have you guys seen the interactive trailer yet? Go watch the interactive trailer. It’s awesome:

If Serenity had been backed by this kind of promoting, think how different the world could have been.

2.) Thankfully, of course, Scott Pilgrim is not all hype and flash. It’s an amazingly original film, that is, it’s made entirely for geeks. If you are not a geek, you will probably not get this movie. If you don’t consider yourself a geek but you LOVE this movie . . . welcome to the Dark Side. As advertised, we have cookies. Also: pie, energy drinks, role playing games, conventions, passion, cool costumes, and a sense of humor. Don’t be in denial. It’s actually pretty fun to be a geek, once people stop beating you up and shoving you in lockers, of course.

3.) And when I say this movie is for geeks . . . I don’t just mean it’s based off a comic book or anything. Lots of movies are made from comic books for mainstream audiences, and lots of those movies (X-Men 3, The Punisher, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) suck lemon balls. For that matter, there are (admittedly rare) great, mainstream movies that originate from geek source material (J.J. Abram’s Star Trek is the obvious example). But Scott Pilgrim isn’t made for mainstream audiences. It’s a movie governed by the rules of Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat, and it’s the people who grew up playing those games that will come to adore this movie. Unlike other adaptations, Scott Pilgrim never apologizes for its geekiness—instead, it embraces its geekiness, and I kind of love Edgar Wright for it. Bless you, my good man. Bless you.

4.) The cast is great. Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are both good. Michael Cera still kind of plays Michael Cera, but there are some scenes that show a small amount of range that makes me hopeful for future roles. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, well, I’ve just loved her since Live Free or Die Hard. When I heard that grown-up Lucy McClaine was going to be in the movie and at odds with her dad, I literally groaned. I thought back to many horrifying experiences where previously cute children from movies or television shows are turned into atrocious teenagers or young adults . . . Rachel Greene from ER and Alexander from TNG and Deep Space Nine come to mind. But Winstead made Lucy strong-willed and kickass without being whiny, vexing, and stupid. I heart you, woman.

More acting props go to Alison Pill as Kim Pine, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, Chris Evans as Lucas Lee, Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram, and best of all, Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells. I’ve loved Kieran Culkin since Igby Goes Down, but DAMN, did he make me laugh in this role. Perfection, I’m telling you. Utter love.

5.) The fight scenes are genius. Epically, awesomely genius. I still kind of want to go punch someone in the face. Sadly, I know my limitations. I’ll never be able to shatter a villain into coins by headbutting them. Dammit.

6.) I love all the music in this movie. I think, “I’m So Sad, I’m So Very, Very Sad” may be my new favorite song.

7.) I never thought I would say this, but . . . I almost kind of want to be a vegan now.

8.) If I had one complaint about this movie, it might be that Ramona doesn’t get to do as much fighting as I would like. She really only faces off against another chick, and I kind of wanted a little more than that. Still, that being said, she isn’t the only kickass girl in this movie, so my feminist sensibilities weren’t hurt too much : )

9.) And, dude . . . I WANT this hammer.

10.) Did I mention this movie was awesome?

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