9/10/10: Favorite Silent Movie . . .

I’ve taken a few cinema classes at college, so I’ve seen my share of silent movies. I have to tell you, most of them? Not so much a fan. Films like Greed and Broken Blossoms consistently make the 100 Best Movies of All Time lists. I watched Greed and Broken Blossoms, and I felt like jamming a screwdriver in my EYE.

Buster Keaton, on the other hand, saved me from permanently blinding myself.

Today’s recommendation: a little film called The General.


The General‘s hilarious. It’s a silent, screwball comedy, and when you watch it, you aren’t secretly thinking to yourself, This is good, but it’d be so much better with sound. The General doesn’t need sound. Buster Keaton is amazing. I know Charlie Chaplin’s the master comedian supreme of the era, but if you don’t watch something with Buster Keaton in it, trust me, you’re missing out.

If you want delve into the world of silent films, start with The General. It’s just like a comedy today, only funnier and a little more quiet.

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