He who Shoots with his Hand has Forgotten the Face of his Father . . .

So, they’ve been talking about making a Dark Tower movie/trilogy/television series for about a decade now, but it looks like it’s finally actually going to happen.


And . . . I fear.

I mean, I’m interested. I really like The Dark Tower series, and I want to really like the excessively complicated adaptation they’re planning here, but . . . this is one weird fucking series of books. I want them to stay close to the source material, obviously, but I’m also concerned that the source material won’t translate well. The Shawshank Redemption, this is not. A general rule of thumb is the stranger that the Stephen King work, the shittier the movie is. Don’t believe me? Try watching Dreamcatcher sometime. If you dare.

This could be the next Lord of the Rings. Or it could be the next Needful Things. Don’t remember that one? Exactly. (And, lucky you. Never watch it. EVER.)

All I can say for sure is this: I’m putting in a bid for Josh Brolin as Roland Deschain.

Anyone else have any casting ideas?

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