9/17/10: Comics . . .

They’ve been adapting a lot graphic novels into movies, lately—and by lately, of course, I mean quite steadily throughout the last decade or so. I’m kind of a late comer to graphic novels, honestly, so most of these movies haven’t exactly shattered my hopes, my dreams, and what’s left of my geek little soul. (Though, I must point out, I can still hate some of these films with a fiery passion, even without reading the books that they’re based on. I’ve never cracked open a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, for example, but that doesn’t mean that I found the movie to be any less aneurysm-inducing. I did kind of enjoy Stuart Townsend . . . but that’s just cause I’m a sucker for a guy with an accent. Otherwise, yeah. That movie SUCKED.)

However, there is one graphic novel series that I’ve really come to like over the past two years, and Hollywood is now in the developing stages of making a movie adaptation. That series, and your recommendation for today, is Runaways.

Briefly (very briefly, I’m tired here) Runaways is about a group of teenage kids who find out that their parents are all super villains. It’s an excellent series: sharp, funny, dark, and sad. If you like already graphic novels or are interested in trying them out, Runaways is a pretty accessible place to start. I’ve enjoyed them very much so far, particularly the issue written by Joss Whedon.

When the movie eventually come out, expect to read my howling here.

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