9/20/10: The Best Stress Relief, Ever

Need to calm down? Don’t use one of those stress balls. The stress ball time has passed. There is a new toy for you to destroy now, one that’s supposed to come apart and be put back together again. The next time that work/your boyfriend/your weight/your family/your favorite romantic ship refusing to get together on your favorite television show . . .  next time any of that tries to get you down?

Use this instead:

Monday’s recommendation is this Dismember-Me Plush Zombie. This, and the shop Think Geek which sells them. They have tons of cool stuff there that’s worth checking out. If you’re interested in some geek purchasing before the holiday season, the website is here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/

I am DYING for the Monty Python killer bunny slippers.

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