10/4/10: Sniffles

Here’s a recommendation. Don’t work in a hospital. Why? Cause when you work in a hospital, you pick up EVERY DAMN BUG KNOWN TO MAN, and getting sick loses it’s appeal after the 47th time in two years. Especially because I never seem to be sick enough to call out of work, just enough to be miserable while working. Dammit.

Here’s your real recommendation. When you inevitably do get sick (from working in a hospital or otherwise) stay home, get some feel-good munchies, Kleenex, and a blankie, and settle in to watch The Stand. Yes, the Mick Garris miniseries. There’s nothing like sneezing your brains out while watching most of the human population die from the flu. It’s uplifting and heartwarming, is what I’m saying. Besides, for every moment that Molly Ringwald makes you want to strangle yourself, there’s another moment of Gary Sinise looking surprisingly sexy in a white shirt and scrub pants. And if that’s not your thing, remember, there’s also this guy:

In the words of great sage Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”

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