10/15/10: Zombie Roadkill

FEARnet has more to offer you than a lot of bad horror movies with Lou Diamond Phillips in them. FEARnet will also occasionally air a webseries with episodes that usually range from about 2-7 minutes. Now, some of these are kind of neat (Buried Alive) and some of these are a little less successful (Fear Clinic) but they all are usually pretty interesting, one way or another.

Today’s recommendation: Zombie Roadkill. And trust me: it’s interesting.

Zombie Roadkill is a horror-comedy about a group of college students (well, mostly college students) who get into a car accident when a zombie squirrel attacks them. Sadly, on this stretch of road, every animal that’s been pancaked by a car is coming back to the life, and even more unfortunately? These poor undead critters want VENGEANCE.

Okay, so, clearly, this isn’t high comedy. But . . . it does have zombie squirrel cam, and that . . . that is hard to top.

Here is a PSA for the series:

Admit it. You wish most PSAs would turn out this way.

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One Response to 10/15/10: Zombie Roadkill

  1. BellaNicoli says:

    I do admit, yes I wish i wish PSAs all turned out like this!

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