10/21/10: The Best Villain. Ever.

You might think vampires are bad. You might think zombies are creepy. You might even be scared of leprechauns that shriek, ‘I want me gold’ over and over and over again. (I don’t know. You could have a weird aversion to Warwick Davis or ugly green hats. Some people are scared of otters. Lutraphobia, people. It happens.)

But are you scared of . . . pinatas?

Yeah, I’m not either.

AMC introduced me to Pinata: Survival Island a couple of years ago, and I cannot express to you how hysterical it was.¬†Remember how much I loved all that 1990’s CGI? Well, apparently 2002 wasn’t much better. You have to see it to believe it. Not that there aren’t other reasons to watch this movie, oh no. Nicholas Brendon and Jaime Pressley are in it. And did I mention the part where the villain’s a fucked up pinata?

AMC is playing Pinata: Survival Island early Friday morning at 4:15 am. If you’re a ridiculous night owl like me, or you have some form of DVR, I highly suggest recording it, because it is, in a word, mind-blowing.

If not, at least watch this chase scene to get a feel for the movie. It does contain spoilers for one of the side characters who gets killed off, but you’ll get to see the glorious special effects as well as eternal ensign Harry Kim out of a Starfleet uniform!

2 thoughts on “10/21/10: The Best Villain. Ever.

  1. I sort of love the idea of a pinata coming to life to seek out revenge and beat people to death, but yeah, those are some of the worst monster special effects I’ve seen since Spawn. You should check out Minotaur.

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