An Apology For Creature Features . . .

If you find creature features as amusing as I obviously do, check out this article that was written over on io9. I think it may be the best apologetic writing that I’ve ever seen, at least when it comes to defending all those precious, little movies about useless, blond bimbos being devoured by wacky monsters such as dinovultures or giant sharkspiders.

Hmm. Now I want to write something featuring giant sharkspiders . . .

One thought on “An Apology For Creature Features . . .

  1. Some films take you on deep emotional journeys. They make you fall in love with their characters and feel their challenges as your own. They question your values and make you see the world in a new way. They are great films.

    And in the case of “Where The Wild Things Are”, they are also a creature feature. 😉

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