Best Dialogue, Ever

I’m half-watching the original Halloween movies on AMC right now, and I’d forgotten how amusing the beginning of Halloween 2 is. Dr. Loomis is trying to find Michael Myers’s corpse (as it has apparently gotten up and walked away again) and Random Neighbor Dude comes out of his house, demands to know what’s going on, and asks if calling the cops is some sort of game, as he’s been tricked to death all night, or something.

Dr. Loomis’s response: “You don’t know what death is!” and abruptly turns around and runs away as the Halloween theme music bursts in.

Errr . . . okay, Loomis.

Second place for best line ever? Night of The Living Dead is playing on a TV station during Halloween 2. Of course, I remembered Johnny’s classic line, “They’re coming for you, Barbara” (in fact, I think it’s still written on my quote board on the refrigerator) but I’d forgotten Useless Barbara’s whiny response, “Stop it!  You’re ignorant!”

Hee. I love horror.

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