THE SEMI-FINALS: Week 2 Losers and Week 3 Match-Ups.

All right! The votes for Week 2 are all in, and first off are . . .


This pains me, considering that Selena’s sort of my film hero, but apparently Data makes mincemeat out of zombie slayers. Farewell, Selena. You and your machete will be missed.

This one was close, but despite objections to Dean’s “prettiness,” it was Spike that found himself on the wrong side of the gun. See you Space Cowboy . . .

Another very close fight. Hermione’s magic just edges out this pint-sized superhero. But it’s okay, Hit Girl. I’m still going to see the sequel.

Finally, John McClane OBLITERATES another opponent. Sorry, Starbuck. No love for the crazy fighter pilots.

Now, we’ve come to Week 3. Week 3 only has two battles to vote for, and one week to do so. The winners from these battles will face off in our Ultimate Geek Superbowl!

So let’s get to it:








Data versus Dean Winchester! Once again, Data is an android, super strong, super smart, and doesn’t have those pesky emotions to get in his way of analyzing a fight. On the other hand, Dean Winchester frequently takes down demons. He has all sorts of rituals, charms, and weapons at his disposal, and even androids can be blown up.









Hermione Granger versus John McClane! On one hand, Hermione is an extremely intelligent, super powerful witch who has all kinds of spells and curses up her sleeve. On the other hand, John McClane is . . . John McClane. He’s pretty good with supposedly unbeatable odds. (Also, taking down helicopters with a gun. Seriously. That’s just talent.)

Voting for Week 3 ends February 8th, 11:59 PM. Please, please, please vote for your contenders. Remember, your nominees are only two fights away from being crowned the Ultimate Geek Champion!

8 thoughts on “THE SEMI-FINALS: Week 2 Losers and Week 3 Match-Ups.

  1. Alright people, this Dean Winchester nonsense has gone on long enough. Spike *objectively* won that fight, but clearly the *subjective* is what is counting here. Nonetheless, there is no way to justify a win for Dean against Data. None except fangirl magic fairy dusting.

    Dean may be a tough guy, but there is nothing supernatural about him whatsoever. He’s a human being. Data is superior to humans in every aspect that matters in a fight. He’s MUCH fast, MUCH stronger and MUCH more intelligent. Data will already know Dean’s tactics before the fight even starts because he’ll just access the appropriate file inside his giant computer brain. He’ll be able to anticipate every move Dean could make.

    Except that it won’t matter because this fight will last a grand total of 0.68 seconds. Data pulls his trigger faster than Dean (again, faster android = faster reflexes) and the phaser blast, traveling at the speed of light, vaporizes Dean before he even gets a chance to feel the kickback on his gun.

    Science wins, bitches.

    Winner: DATA, and it isn’t close.

    Now, Hermione vs. McClane is a little harder. In a straight up encounter, Hermione wins because she simply has access to a kind of power John lacks. But John isn’t always about straight up confrontation. He’s a stealth master too, and detecting that is something Hermione is not all that good at.

    Then again, if she remembers to cast some kind of alert charm then John is screwed.

    Yeah, ok, this one isn’t as hard as I though. I’m sorry John…the kid wins.

    Winner: Hermione

  2. I don’t think rituals and charms are going to do much against an android. Data would win this fight, and unlike Selena, Dean wouldn’t really make him work for it.

    I want to say that Hermione would win her fight, because she has so much knowledge and access to vast power, but she seems to be better with long term strategy than short term tactics. McClane is resourceful enough to disrupt her plans, and I’m not sure she’d be able to readjust. Besides, if he can take down a helicopter, he can take down a witch.

  3. Sad to see that everyone I voted for in the last round is now dead.

    1. I could see the reasoning which stated why Data should win against Selena and for that same reason I’d have him beating Dean too. Dean’s work with supernatural spirits wouldn’t provide much advantage against Data either, seeing as Data would have no spirit of his own. Meanwhile Data’s strength and speed should make him more than a match for the all-too-human Dean.

    Data Wins.

    2. While I thought that Hit Girl, with her expert fighting ability and near superhuman agility, would be able to defeat Hermoine, I’m not so convinced that McClane has a chance. Left barefoot and flailing against some (admittedly pretty tough) super villain, bank robber types, I’m not really sure how he would fare against someone who can defeat someone by saying the right words while pointing in their general direction.

    That said, guns are pretty effective. If McClane were to win it would have to work something like this….:

    I think Hit-Girl’s pinpoint accuracy could have pulled that off, but I don’t think McClane is up to the task. Hermoine wins…

  4. No question whatsoever:

    (1) Data.
    (2) Hermione.

    I am SO excited that these two are in the semifinals that I can forgive all of those who voted out Starbuck. She wouldn’t have been the winner anyway.

  5. farewell dean winchester, against the spuernatural you are the biggest match but against science you can do nothing… DATA wins!

    i don’t think John McClane stands a chance against the spellwork of a powerfull witch like hermione… HERMIONIE wins!

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