Live Long and Prosper . . . Unless You’re A Zombie.

Have you ever noticed just how hard most book trailers suck? You’re sitting on your couch, kicking back and watching Jeopardy, and in between a Meineke ad and a commercial about animated bears with pieces of tissue stuck to their ass is a book trailer by James Patterson, where he sits in front of a black screen and magnanimously announces that New York has never had a great detective before . . . until now, that is, with his amazing Generic Book Title featuring Detective Not-Alex-Cross. And the first thought that crosses my mind is, Huh, I’m pretty sure there have been been some famous fictional detectives based in NYC before, followed shortly by, Man, I really wanna punch that guy right in the face.

(By the way, I’ve never read a James Patterson book before, and considering that my interest level in anything he writes drops every time I see one of these ads . . . I don’t think I’m ever going to.)

Quirk Books, on the other hand, knows how to market their shit. You may not be a fan of a lot of the work they’ve done—namely rewriting classics to involve scary monsters—but by God, they can make a good trailer. Here’s one for the book I just finished, Night of the Living Trekkies.

The trailer is only based on the idea of the book—you won’t read those scenes if you decide to pick up the novel. But I think Night of the Living Trekkies is worth checking out for anyone who likes zombies or Star Trek (especially Star Trek) and is in the mood for a quick, easy read. This isn’t literature or anything—the writing’s not genius, and the hero has, I think, one more crisis of faith than I think is really necessary—but it’s fun and enjoyable and would make one hell of an awesome, campy movie. Instead of remaking another film that came out less than ten years ago, how about we make this one for the nerds, huh?

This particular geek would be quite delighted.

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