Only You Have The Power To Save This Classic From Ruin . . .

First: in the imaginary remake of Star Wars, your new Han Solo shall be . . .

Nathan Fillion!

Congratulations, Mr. Fillion! He and Ryan Reynolds were tied for most of the week, and in the end, Captain Reynolds only beat the Green Lantern by two votes.

Interestingly enough, I discounted Fillion for almost the same reasons that everybody nominated him—I thought Malcolm Reynolds was too similar to Han.  As much as I love him, I didn’t want to just end up watching the Luke, Leia, and Mal show instead of the Luke, Leia, and Han show. But I do adore Nathan Fillion (well, who doesn’t) so I can’t be too disappointed. His involvement in any project automatically makes my interest go up.

Now, onto this week’s MMB Poll:

So, you have your favorite films, movies that you’ve revered for a long, long time, possibly since childhood. These films are sacrosanct. Nobody less than a very powerful deity should be able to touch these movies. And yet, say some total ass down in Hollywood is going to remake them anyway, just because he’s a greedy jerk who wants to fuck with your mind.

(Some friends may remember that I’ve asked a similar sort of question to this before, but I’ve changed/added a few of the choices, and I want to see if the original winner still holds.)

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4 Responses to Only You Have The Power To Save This Classic From Ruin . . .

  1. Patrick says:

    Monty Python. No touchie.

  2. Fatpie42 says:

    You’ve got to ask yourself whether a remake could be interesting. I could imagine an interesting re-imagining of Pulp Fiction. Same with Die Hard. Goodness knows the LOTR movies weren’t perfect and, to be quite honest, I can’t imagine anyone making The Princess Bride worse.

    Search for the Holy Grail, however, couldn’t really be remade. It just wouldn’t be the same thing and, if it made any effort to remain true to any elements of the original, it could be horrendous. It’s the one case where I cannot imagine a decent remake and where the possibilities for horrifically missing the point are myriad.

  3. Kirsten says:

    The Princess Bride is near cinematic perfection. Remaking it would be a horrible disaster.

  4. rorf says:

    So I voted PB, although it was a really tough choice between that and MP–not because I am obsessed with either one in particular and they’re sacrosanct, though. That would be if someone tried to rewrite the LOTR books 🙂

    The reason I chose PB is that so much of that movie is the dialogue, and the dialogue is so tied to the story. Yes, MP has loads of hysterical dialogue, but I think the basic MP quest could be rewritten with different, but equally ridiculous scenes. They could throw in tons of easter eggs from the old version, but they wouldn’t have to stick to the plot/dialogue exactly.

    That said, I think a Hollywood remake of *either* is a total disaster. Maybe if BBC did it…hmm Colin Firth from 10 years ago as Westley…

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