The votes are in. The one movie that should never, ever, EVER be remade is . . .

The race for second place was close . . . Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail edged out just slightly over Pulp Fiction and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring . . . but The Princess Bride dominated this race, crushing its competition. (Especially poor Die Hard, which only got one vote. Sorry, John McClane.)

Lets hope that nobody ever tries to improve upon this masterpiece. I can’t even imagine a more perfect version of this story.

9 thoughts on ““DEATH FIRST!”

  1. i don’t remember seeing this poll, but I probably would vote for the Princess Bride, as well. I think it’s the one that could be remade the best, maybe because of the simple story line, and lack of special fx needed, but I also think it’s so perfect the way it is, and nobody will ever be as dashing, charming, and awesome and Westley is in it.

    side note: we were watching Glory in my english-comp class today, and people were recognizing Carey Elwes from The Princess Bride, which turned into lots of comments about how hot he is(Denzel is actually the one who is smokin’ in that movie). I don’t know why I find that weird, but I’m like 10 years older than everybody in my class, and I’ve met too many people just out of their teens who have not seen The Princess Bride, let alone, know who Carey Elwes is. It was interesting.

    bring on more polls!

    • That’s sad. The Princess Bride is a classic. Although, to be fair, when I think of Cary Elwes, that’s probably the second movie I think of. I usually go to Robin Hood: Men in Tights first. Hell, I forgot he was even in Glory. Cause . . . yeah, not that he was bad in that movie by any stretch of the imagination, but, uh, he’s not the main standout, in acting or in hotness factor. My God, Denzel Washington was good in that film. That man had intensity pouring out of his eyeballs. I LOVE him in Glory.

      If anyone under the age of 20 blinks and asks you, “Who’s Cary Elwes?” you can remind them that he was in the first Saw. They might remember that . . . although that’s not going to give them a very good feel for his acting. I mean, I like that movie and all, but, er, not his finest work.

      Polls every Monday : )

      • I know I think for me it goes Princess Bride, Robin Hood, the Crush(i use to think it was cool! like 20 years ago, seriously), random stuff like The Chase, Twister, and Kiss The Girls.
        ‘Cause you needed the list of in what order I think of Carey Elwes movies.
        NO, I forrrr sure thought it was WEIRD that anybody would even notice him in Glory, especially non-movie buff people…
        Old tubbyish doctor in Saw seems much more reasonable.

        It’s probably lame that i saw No Strings Attached, but I was on a Natalie Portman kick. Anyway, Carey had a small part in that as a scruffy, tubby, old looking doctor(that didn’t look so good, and was almost completely unrecognizable) that Natalie had a crush on, until she went bonkers over Ashton Kutcher.

        Is it every Monday? it seems so much more random.

  2. Oh, I always forget he’s in The Chase! I love that movie. I know that’s shameful to say, but I do.

    It is every Monday now, until I forget about it or run out of things to ask. It’s kind of a new thing.

    • I like the Chase as well. I watched it many times on HBO, and then bought the DVD for $5 when Mediaplay went out of business.
      I thought it was a relatively fresh, very funny, not so serious action movie(who can take the car floating through the sky, nobody steering the wheel, during the love making portion of the film that seriously?), but it hasn’t aged in a way that that makes it seem so.
      I still think it’s funny, and so so so 90’s, so I like it. It was a good try!

  3. and it was a nice little commentary/satire on the idiocy of some reporting, and media outlets, celebrity criminals, and all that jazz.

  4. I’d like to see the LOTR movies remade. I agree that The Princess Bride never should be. There are some movies that are so perfect already that even to suggest remaking them is blasphemy. That said, they did remake Psycho. For some reason doing a shot-for-shot remake which only made the crime more heinous.

    • Remakes are tricky. It depends why you’re doing them (other than making money, of course.) Sometimes I like when they stick closer to the original. Sometimes I like radically different remakes. But I do not get the point of a shot by shot remake. Maybe if the acting in the original was atrocious . . . but otherwise, why even bother? What are you even doing?

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