Poor Ryan Reynolds . . .

There are a lot of superhero movies coming your way this summer. Possibly too many. The film that you voted as the LEAST appealing is . . .

Green Lantern!

There are potentially many reasons for your mistrust of the  Green Lantern film. Perhaps there are Ryan Reynolds haters out there. Some may highly doubt Blake Lively’s acting ability. And, of course, there is the ever controversial CGI suit. There is much to be nervous about.

But this was a very tight race for worst-looking superhero film. Second “honors” went to X-Men: First Class, as many fans are still scarred by both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And Captain America wasn’t exactly getting a lot of love, either.

Naturally, the film that did the best is the one that I have no interest in seeing: Thor.

I’m sort of a Norse mythology nut, and I have the feeling that I’m going to have serious problems divorcing what I know of the myths from whatever nonsense goes on during the movie. (I read one synopsis that made it sound like the Norse gods are actually not gods at all but aliens? My interest has actually managed to diminish in size.) Plus, I haven’t really liked Anthony Hopkins in ages, and that saddens me considering that Hannibal Lecter is like the best film villain of all time, but still . . . I think I’m going to see him as Odin and want to beat him upside the head with Thor’s hammer. Not to mention, from what I understand, Thor’s kind of an asshole? Sure, he’s a redemptive asshole, but that doesn’t exactly make me more interested in watching him bitch about humanity for two hours.

That’s okay, though. If everyone annoys me, I’ll just remind myself that, eventually, everyone will bite it in Ragnarok. (Whoops. Spoilers!)

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4 Responses to Poor Ryan Reynolds . . .

  1. Michael says:

    For a while there (when i was sort of half paying attention to the commercials), I hadn’t realized that “The Green Hornet” and “The Green Lantern” were the same movie, and that Seth Rogen somehow transformed into Ryan Reynolds when he put the ring on…

  2. Michael says:

    *were not*

    i fully screwed up the tenses by trying to write half a sentence, work a little more, then come back and write the other half… Gah.

  3. Dave Nielsen says:

    The main problem I have with the Thor movie is that he physically isn’t up to it. He’s just not believable as Thor. I’m not very interested in Green Lantern. Nothing against Ryan Renolds, but because my intro to the character was the animated Justice League John Stewart will always be the real Green Lantern.

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