Duck Hunt is Denied, and American Gods is Accepted!

Of all the classic video games that could be adapted into a movie, you picked the one, the only . . .

The Legend of Zelda!

Sadly, no one felt like taxing their writing abilities by trying to come up with an adequate cinematic storyline for Duck Hunt, which I find disappointing. Still, Castlevania came in second place, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors came in third, so it wasn’t a total knockout in Zelda’s favor.

Personally, I hope that the Zelda movie turns out a little like this Robot Chicken sketch:

As far as this week’s New Official Poll . . . I don’t have one. At least, not one set up on Poll Daddy. My question this week is open-ended for those of you who are, like me, huge fans of Neil Gaiman’s work

You may have heard that HBO is planning a TV series adaptation of American Gods. Or you may not have heard. Anyway, you know now. So, I’ve been racking my brain for the past two weeks, trying to come up with some good, casting ideas for Shadow, Mr. Wednesday, Laura, Sam . . . and I have to say, I have not come up with a lot of decent options. So if you;ve read the books, I’d love to hear your suggestions for these or any other characters. My only request: please do not tell me Anthony Hopkins for Mr. Wednesday or David Boreanaz for Shadow.

I don’t even want to hear it.

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3 Responses to Duck Hunt is Denied, and American Gods is Accepted!

  1. Fatpie42 says:

    I’m surprised I didn’t think of this before, but your poll missed out my most oh-I-wish-they-would-but-don’t-you-dare-screw-up choice for a video game adaptation….


  2. Teacups says:

    I figured that Zelda would basically end up being a pretty standard medieval fantasy, or Legend Of The Seeker with more dungeons. Also, there’s already the webseries adaptation-y Legend Of Neil, and it has Felicia Day as a tiny, insane, nymphomaniacal healing fairy, and that’d be pretty hard to beat. I went with Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Zombies are awesome.

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