A Question For You Horror Fans . . .

Last week’s question was open-ended, and sadly, nobody seemed to have any idea who to cast in the upcoming HBO adaptation of American Gods. I have not come up with any great ideas myself, but if I ever have a handful of nominees I can at least stomach, I might try out that poll again.

Today, however, I have a very different question for you:

Pick whichever nominee you want for whatever reason you wish (the scariest, the oldest, most badass, etc) as long as you do pick one of the actual nominees. There’s a reason I left certain horror movie legends off of this list. As always, the poll will be open for exactly one week.

And as for the the seven villains you don’t pick . . . well, I’m sure there will be no hard feelings.

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5 Responses to A Question For You Horror Fans . . .

  1. rorf says:

    I know there was a reason you left people off, but I did want to add a out for Margaret White in Carrie 🙂 She would have been my first choice for horror movie icons–even more than Anthony Hopkins because I don’t consider SotL classic horror.

    Ok, unsolicited obnoxiousness of the day, ending….now.

    • Mainly, I was thinking like franchise horror, that one killer or figure who keeps coming back . . . and back . . . and back. So, that’s why a lot of big horror names—like Mrs. White—were left out. Plus, I didn’t want to include Anthony Hopkins because he would have received almost every single vote, and that’s just not interesting. You know, what’s the point of a poll if you already know the answer?

  2. rorf says:

    Oh I totally understood why. I just reread, and then rewatched Carrie two days ago and fell in love with Piper Laurie all over again.

    • Piper Laurie ROCKS that movie. Carrie is one of those stories that I have sort of sacrilegious feelings about, from a bookworm perspective, anyway. I think I actually like the movie more than the novel . . . although that’s probably because I saw the movie first. And, well, Piper Laurie is so good. And that scene with Sissy Spacek and the blood is just so damn iconic. Hard not to love it.

  3. Teacups says:

    Leatherface all the way. I am not particularly into slasher movies, so that eliminates most of this list. But I love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, because the villains aren’t just your garden-variety psychos. They are demented in the most hilarious, strange, extremely trashy way, and it is glorious. I’m kind of horrified, but then I can’t stop laughing! I just love them all so much, Leatherface included.

    Also, screw the sequels and remakes.

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