And The Winner Is . . .

Last week, I asked who your favorite horror movie icon was. The winner?

It wasn’t quite a landslide. Actually, Michael Myers was tied with Freddy Krueger all week, but at the eleventh hour, someone came in and voted for Mr. Meyers. A good thing for you Halloween fans, too, because if I had been the tie-breaker, I would have voted for Freddy. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a man in a fedora and a striped sweater.

Ghostface came in third place with a mere three votes. Pinhead and Chucky got nothing. I can’t say I’m surprised. They were both sort of an afterthought.

Now, as for your new poll  . . .

I’m not going to give you a traditional movie poll this week. For one thing, I don’t have a good movie question in mind. For another thing, I need help with something I’m working on.

I’m going to give you two brief scenarios gauging your willingness to kill people. (Aren’t you already intrigued? Isn’t homicide fun?) All you have to do is either answer yes or no to both questions. If you want to tell me your reasoning, that’s fine, but it’s also unnecessary.

Scenario A:

You are facing a known serial killer in a warehouse. The serial killer has a knife to your loved one’s throat and will murder him/her if you do not kill the serial killer first. Can you kill the serial killer?

Scenario B:

A known serial has stabbed your loved one in the chest. You have knocked the serial killer unconscious, but your loved one is still dying, and there’s no time to get help. You know that if you murder the serial killer in his sleep, your loved one would magically survive. Can you kill the serial killer?

This survey will be open one week like always. This is research for the novel I’m working on, so I really do appreciate your help : )

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13 Responses to And The Winner Is . . .

  1. rorf says:

    An easy yes to both.

    The question that I can’t answer is whether I would still kill the serial killer in scenario B if I knew my loved one would still die. If I thought the killer might wake up and kill me, then I might. If I knew he wouldn’t…hmm. I don’t believe I would kill him, but I can’t know just how furious and vindictive I would be.

  2. Mekaela says:

    Yes and yes

  3. Macabre says:

    I’m surprised at all the love for Michael Myers. I see no real difference between him and Jason Vorhees, except for the masks. And, personally, I think a mammoth dude in a hockey mask is more frightening than a guy in a William Shatner mask. Freddy Krueger on the other hand, that dude made me afraid to even go to sleep.

    As for your two scenarios, “yes” is the very easy answer to both.

    • Fatpie42 says:

      I’m surprised at all the love for Michael Myers. I see no real difference between him and Jason Vorhees, except for the masks.

      First of all, Michael Myers isn’t like Jason Vorhees at all in the first Halloween movie. Sure he comes back from a supposed death a number of times, but that’s true of the bad guy in a number of different films. It isn’t until the sequel (though I haven’t seen it, I must admit) that he seems to be unkillable.

      Then again, in the first Friday the Thirteenth movie, Jason Vorhees isn’t like Jason Vorhees either.

      1) The killer is Jason’s mum
      2) Though Jason turns up, he appears as a little boy, not as the fully grown hockey mask wearing guy he seems to be during later movies.

    • I can certainly understand why people love Michael Myers . . . Halloween may not have been the first slasher, but Myers was certainly the first really recognizable serial killer in a slasher flick, and there’s something to be said for the classics. Obviously, there are similarities between him and Jason—they both go for the I-will-silently-stalk-and-then-stab-you-and-then-silently-stalk-some-more approach to murder—but considering that the Halloween movies came first, you can argue that Jason’s just a rip off. (Although I Jason because I enjoy the Friday the 13th series more, frankly because it’s more fun.)

      That all being said, while I get those arguments for Michael Myers, he’s just never been my favorite. I do like my villains with dialogue, though, and with razor hands. There’s really something to be said about razor hands.

      • Fatpie42 says:

        The scene where all the bodies are discovered towards the end of Halloween is pretty fun. The random reveal of bodies towards the end of Friday the Thirteenth is relatively similar (body drops down and starts swinging in front of latest potential victim), but I’m not sure it beats the craziness of a gravestone being placed on the bed.

  4. Dave Nielsen says:

    Yes and yes. Can’t imagine anyone saying “no” to either of those.

  5. Susan says:

    yes and yes
    maybe i’m missing the point, both scenarios are scary because for a) how do i get to them when they already have the knife to somebody’s throat? scenario b is super easy since the killer is knocked out, but either way i’m like sign me up and give me something sharp

    • Actually, the scenarios are really for my benefit. I’m using my movie blog as research. Shame on me : )

      I’m working on a novel right now, and there’s an argument that comes up between two characters. In Scenario A, the serial killer is about to kill your friend, and killing him is the only way you can stop him. (I was thinking that you would shoot him or something before he slit your friend’s throat.) It’s that you scene you see in movies all the time, where the cop has a gun aimed at the villain’s forehead, and the villain’s using the victim as a shield.

      But Scenario B is technically a little different. Killing him while he’s unconscious is a touch more cold-blooded and I would imagine somewhat harder to do . . . although (in this case) it has the same result as Scenario A. I wanted to see if anyone had a moral objection to Scenario B that didn’t have one to Scenario A.

      • Fatpie42 says:

        Reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode. “You mean you’d happily kill him if he was unconscious?” “I’d happily kill him if he was on the job. Now finish him quick.”

      • Macabre says:

        Scenario B isn’t any different, though, really. I mean, he’s a serial killer; he stabbed my loved one; plus you say there’s a chance my loved one will survive if I kill him. The fact that’s he’s unconscious shouldn’t change anything. He’s going to wake up at some point and resume the attack. Might as well finish him off while I’ve got the chance.

  6. Teacups says:

    Yes to both. Well, I suppose if it actually happened I might freeze up and not be able to pull the trigger before the loved one dies, but as far as the actual choice goes, it’s a definite yes.

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