The One With WAY Too Many Choices . . .

Okay, kids. Here is your poll for today:

It took awhile for me to narrow this list down to fifteen nominees, so there’s a decent possibility that your favorite vampire film did not make the cut. I apologize, particularly if your vote would have gone to Shadow of a Vampire or Salem’s Lot. Those were the last two deleted. If your vote would have been for Twilight . . . listen, everyone has their guilty pleasures, and I won’t condemn you for liking the movie. However, if you really picked Twilight as your very favorite vampire film of ALL the vampire films ever made . . . honestly, I don’t know that I really want your opinion on this poll that much, sorry.

Poll ends on Monday. You know what to do.

20 thoughts on “The One With WAY Too Many Choices . . .

  1. Haha, I would have picked either of those last two deleted, but instead I’ll go for the 1992 Dracula’s pretty-but-out-of-date dresses. 😀

    • Damn. I kind of regret not putting Shadow of a Vampire up there now. Looks like a few people would have picked that one. There are too many vampire movies, just TOO MANY!!! AHHHHH!

      LOL. You crazy fashion designer, you 🙂

  2. But Edward is so glittery and scintillating… Actually, I kind of like the Twilight books. They’re bad, but funny, and kind of fascinating in several thoroughly unintended ways. The movie’s an improvement, but not to the point where it’s actually good, and the stuff that made the book interesting (the rather complicated wish-fulfillment, weird sexism, and relationship creepiness, for starters) isn’t as present. So it’s just kind of boring.

    Lucky Let The Right One In was on there, since my other choices would’ve been Martin or The Hamiltons. I’ve really seen shamefully few vampire movies, though.

  3. nightwatch kicks ass but the book is considerably more vampy than the movie.
    i actually was about to ask “what no bram stoker’s dracula” and realized dracula (gary oldman) is that dracula, but it threw me off. oh well.

  4. It’s a tough choice, especially between Interview with the Vampire and The Lost Boys, but Lost Boys wins. Interview was better than I was expecting–let us speak not of Queen of the Damned–and Tom Cruise actually makes Lestat vaguely likable. From Dusk Till Dawn was amusing but not what I’d consider “best”. Near Dark runs a close third.

    If you were to include a Salem’s Lot on the list, I’d go for the original miniseries with David Soul and not the remake. Had a hard time with curtained windows after one scene in the miniseries lol.

    • Tom Cruise was awesome in that role. Queen of the Damned was the worst ever. I’ve met quite a few people over the years that said Queen of the Damned was either their favorite movie or they thought Lestat was super hot-ugh
      I scrolled to see if Near Dark was on the list.
      I also think Nosferatu and Shadow of the Vampire should be on the list.

      • I didn’t really see much reason to prefer Interview With A Vampire over Queen Of The Damned. On the other hand, Queen Of The Damned has some awesome music from Jonathan Davis (from Korn) so, for me, that has the upper hand.

        • Oh no. Oh no, oh no. Queen of the Damned had a decent soundtrack . . . I have it in my collection of CDs somewhere . . . but ohmygod, that movie was bad. Interview with the Vampire is a MUCH better film.

      • Tom Cruise is a different Lestat than the one I read, but he’s just so enjoyably over-the-top. I love him in that film. Stuart Townsend, on the other hand, may very well be a good actor . . . I haven’t seen him in much . . . but his Lestat (complete with, what, a Translyvanian accent???) is so, SO awful, as is pretty much all of Queen of the Damned.

        I do regret not keeping in Shadow of a the Vampire . . . I had a hard time judging between the handful of vampire movies on this list that I hadn’t actually seen . . but Nosferatu (at least the original) IS on there.

    • I agree. Let us not speak of Queen of the Damned.

      I haven’t seen the original miniseries, but I did read Salem’s Lot, and while I’m very rarely scared by Stephen King’s writing, there is a scene with a basement and a staircase that freaked me the hell out.

      • Interview with a Vampire was utter shite and boring to boot.

        Queen of the Damned might not have been a masterpiece, but it was better than that tripe.

        If we need not to speak of Queen of the Damned then Interview with a Vampire needs to be locked in a case and chucked into the ocean. That was the main movie which wrongly convinced me that Brad Pitt had absolutely no acting talent.

      • nosferatu is there…i must be blind, i don’t know what’s wrong with me.

        queen of the damned is seriously baaaaaaaaad. it’s not even bad/entertaining, it’s just horrible and cringe-worthy.
        people always say they didn’t picture the Tom Cruise Lestat, but that it worked in the movie. even Brad Pitt wasn’t exactly what I pictured, but it worked and it was convincing.

        • Agreed. I enjoy Interview with the Vampire a lot. I don’t think it’s my favorite vamp movie I’ve seen, but it’s up there. And while I don’t think it’s Brad Pitt’s best acting (Fight Club, maybe?) it’s certainly not his worst (the little bits I’ve seen from Troy, ugh). He’s good in this movie. He’s hot. He’s mopey. He’s occasionally funny. He’s like Edward, only about eight billion times better.

          And Queen of the Damned? Ohmygod. That movie SUCKED. I’m not even going to be, it just wasn’t for me. No, there’s nothing redeeming about that film. At all.

      • Queen of the Damned was bad. Highlander 2 bad. It’s amazing to me that anyone could have found Interview dull (anyone who did, don’t read the book) but I suppose if you went into it expecting a sort of vampire version of Alien vs Predator mindless action-and-gallons-of-blood type of movie you would have been disappointed.

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