“Blood, Blood, Gallons of the Stuff. Give Them All That They Can Drink, and It Will Never Be Enough.”

I’ve always been of the opinion that there aren’t nearly enough great vampire films out there, but when I actually had to make a poll of the best bloodsuckers, I could barely keep the list of movies at 15 nominees. (Although, to be fair, I haven’t seen every movie on this list, and I don’t like some of the ones that I have seen—namely, 30 Days of Night and the original Dracula. Still, you can’t exactly make this list without Bela freaking Lugosi, can you? No, you can’t.)

So I asked everyone to pick their very favorite vampire film, and the majority of you all picked . . .

Interview with the Vampire!

Personally, I love Interview with the Vampire. Tom Cruise might have seemed like the weirdest choice on this side of the universe to play Lestat, but I actually ended up really enjoying his performance. He’s a bit cartoonish, sure, but he’s also a lot of fun, and I really love whenever he laughs at anything. (Also: “You’ve been a very, very naughty little girl.”) Brad Pitt’s perfectly serviceable as Louis—he’s got a few moments that I really enjoy, especially one that comes near the end with Christian Slater—and I adore Kirsten Dunst as Claudia. Honestly, when she sits up on the bed and says, “I want some more” . . . creepiest part in the whole movie. Claudia ROCKS.

Hell, the only thing I don’t like about Interview with the Vampire is Antonio Banderas as Armand. Never mind the fact that Armand in the books is a redheaded teenager. I can get past that. But Banderas is just so irritating here, and it doesn’t help that I never really buy the relationship they’re selling between him and Louis. It comes too fast, makes later developments seem unrealistic to me.

Otherwise, great film. I approve, voters. I approve.

The silver medal in Best Vampire Film goes to Let the Right One, which, honestly, I suspect might have won had more people seen it. Bronze goes to The Lost Boys, and fourth place is shared by five different films, all of which got two votes each. The poor films that got no love? Underworld, Near Dark, Blade, The Hunger, and Thirst. Although, it should be said that three different people commented on loving or seriously considering Near Dark for their favorite. I still have to watch that one, myself.

Oooh, but here’s an unofficial poll that I just thought of. In a fight between child vampires, who would win?


Eli from Let the Right One In or Claudia from Interview with a Vampire.

Cause, honestly? I love both. They’re like my little miniature bloodsucking heroes.

6 thoughts on ““Blood, Blood, Gallons of the Stuff. Give Them All That They Can Drink, and It Will Never Be Enough.”

  1. Tom Cruise is so goddamn crazy in that movie. That’s the best way I can put it. His laugh is excellent, and nails the cool cruelty. I do remember what a big deal it was when he was announced as a cast member in Interview, but it turned out to be quite effective. Brad Pitt has this weird restrained warmth that I really like, that I don’t think I noticed until I was older, and I can totally read all the inner pain and turmoil with out him saying anything.
    I’m glad it won!
    Also Antonio (we’re on a first name) kicks ass in that movie.

  2. Who would win Eli or Claudia? yikes, I don’t know. Eli seems more physically capable but that’s only because the movie focuses on her scaling the hospital wall and ripping limbs apart at warp speed at the pool. Claudia is viscious and definitely strong and fast….they are so different! I’m going with wacked out Claudia, she has more mental problems.

  3. Interview might be more crowd-pleasin’ but I definitely prefer either Lugosi’s Dracula or Nosferatur. The problem with Interview is that it’s yet another example of where the book is much better. Tom Cruise was not the disaster I feared at the time but he’s little like he’s described in the novel. Same for any of them, too, and yes th emost glaring is Armand.

    • I’ve never see Nosferatu, but I just wasn’t a fan of Lugosi’s Dracula. I found it kind of dull.

      I actually enjoy Interview with a Vampire the movie more than I like the novel. I like the next two books in the series a lot, but I was just never very crazy about Louis’s story. I really don’t mind that Armand is different (it’s just funny how different) but I can’t stand Antonio Banderas in the movie. He just annoys me.

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