Trailer Frenzy!!!

It’s been a light week for movies—I’ve been preoccupied with other things, like working on my novel, reorganizing the books, recovering from dust-induced allergy disasters—so I haven’t written any new reviews lately. I know. Sadface.

But I figured I should at least post something on my blog. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some movie/TV miniseries trailers that I think look kind of awesome (or at least potentially interesting):

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


and finally . . . Retreat.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Frenzy!!!

  1. Whoever the little girl is in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, she looks redonculously like Suri Cruise, which–given that Katie Holmes is cast as her mom–is both awesome and quite disconcerting.

    • She does kind of, huh? It’s always nice when casting directors actually take that sort of thing into account. I have a list somewhere going of people who should be cast as family members in a film. I should try to track that down.

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