The Two Most Important Choices You Will Ever Have To Make

All right, kids. Let’s get back to the blasphemy portion of the Monday Morning Blasphemous Poll.

A few months ago—roughly—I asked you who should play Han Solo in a remake of Star Wars. You voted: Nathan Fillion.

Then I asked who should direct said remake of Star Wars. Your response: Guillermo del Toro.

So I figured . . . might as well cast our other two leads.

The Skywalker Siblings!

First up:

And then:

Now, I’m putting these polls together in the same post so that you can vote one of two ways: pick two actors based on how well they look together, or pick two actors based solely on their individual merit. Of course, individual merit sounds like the better way to go, but some of you may be concerned with the fact that these two actors are supposed to be twins, and boy, did I have some problems with age discrepancies while making these lists. Between the youngest guy and the oldest girl, there’s almost a ten year age gap. Not to mention, that Nathan Fillion is 40, and ideally, it would be awesome if he didn’t look like a child molester while macking on Princess Leia . . . but also keeping in mind that Luke himself probably shouldn’t be pushing 40, lest he look even more pathetic than he already does, angsting away on Uncle Owen’s farm, whining about someday being a real pilot and probably writing bad poetry about the two suns orbiting Tatooine.

So you can keep all that in mind as you vote, attempting for some consistency in your remake, or you can just pick whatever actor you like best for the role and consistency be damned. That’s what the fucking makeup department’s for.

Honestly, either way is fine with me.

As always, you have one week to vote. Results up next Monday!

11 thoughts on “The Two Most Important Choices You Will Ever Have To Make

  1. Ooh, tough. Had to go Anna Kendrick (because I think she can be both plucky and spoiled princess, and I just don’t see my second choice — and one of my faves — Kristen Bell being a convincing SP) and Enver (because he is an amazing actor and the best part of Dollhouse) even over second choice Anton (who would better fit the kid look of the original Luke)

    • Oh God, I loved Enver in Dollhouse. I’m going to have to finish that show one of these days. I never saw the last three or four episodes somehow. Unfortunately, I accidentally found out a few things that happened, which bummed me out, but still. Enver = awesome.

  2. I think Anton Yelchin would fit the original young kid look of Luke very well, and if we can get him to study Mark Hamill’s performance the way he studied Michael Biehn’s for the latest Terminator flick, he could be an excellent Luke.

    Sadly…I have no idea who like 75% of the actresses are. I guess I uh…need a TV?

    • There are those who think that is possible that I watch too much TV. Clearly, these people are foolish.

      I did consider posting pictures so that people could have an idea what these actresses looked like if they weren’t sure or didn’t know who they were. But I got lazy. Posting that many pictures is a bitch to do on WordPress, if they aren’t in a one-by-one vertical line. Even then, that’s a lot of pictures. I have youtube videos to watch and fanfiction to read! 🙂

      Anton Yelchin was easily one of the best things about Terminator: Salvation. I mean, there weren’t many, but he was great. I’ll be honest: he’s easily one of my faves of the candidates. But there are a couple of other ones I’m really interested in too.

  3. Sorry what was all that stuff about how difficult it would be to pick the best actor and actress individually? That was the easiest decision I ever made!

    Billy Elliot and Amy Pond…..!

    I mean…. Jamie Bell and Karen Gillan!

    Both pretty similar ages and, to be quite honest, the difference between northern English and Scottish? Not sure it matters. I’d happily have them both speaking in their natural accents.

  4. I wonder, was Luke a virgin all the way through Star Wars? Unless he was actually going to meet some tail when he talked about going into town for some power converters, I can’t see where he ever got any action. Leia and that one chick from Jedi were the only two women in the galaxy after all.

    I just got to thinking about that when you mentioned Han and Luke’s ages.

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