10 thoughts on “Howl For Me . . .

  1. I’m guessing that most people voting haven’t actually seen “An American Werewolf In London”. There shouldn’t really be any contest.

    I’m also guessing that most people haven’t seen “Teen Wolf” since they were much much younger….. I mean seriously?

    I did consider “Ginger Snaps” briefly, but deep down I knew it was only a pretender to the throne.

    • Comic Book Guy is pulling the old “You don’t like what I do because you’re too stupid” argument. Thanks for registering your disgust throughout cyberspace.

  2. Also kudos for the one person (so far) who voted for “Company of Wolves”. It’s certainly one of the most interesting films about werewolves I’ve seen, even if I don’t personally think it’s the best.

    And those who picked “Underworld”… tsk! tsk! You should be ashamed. 😛

  3. Teen Wolf for me is admittedly a guilty pleasure – very guilty. Even if I wanted to vote for another on the list, it would for Lon Chaney and not American Werewoof even though I loved that one too. As for Underworld, I suspect it probably is in guilty pleasure territory but I haven’t seen that one.

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