I Present, the Skywalker Twins . . .

I asked you to cast the Skywalker Siblings, and you did. Your choice for Princess Leia?

Jewel Staite!

Considering that Nathan Fillion is playing Han, we appear to be having something of a Firefly reunion in this remake. Ooh, maybe Alan Tudyk could do the voice of C-3p0. And Adam Baldwin could be an exceptionally badass Chewbacca!

For awhile, the competition between Jewel Staite and Anna Kendrick was fierce. I actually thought Anna Kendrick was going to pull ahead by the end of it. But on Friday morning, the Jewel Staite Fan Club came out to play, and little Kaylee Frye won with a pretty large margin. Anna Kendrick and Karen Gillan both tied for second place, actually, and Kristen Bell took third. Every nominee received at least two votes, though, which I thought was kind of cool. Even Alison Brie, who I liked but assumed was a bit of a long shot.

Now, who will Jewel Staite be creepily making out with in Empire to piss off Han?

Anton Yelchin!

HA! Mal, Kaylee, and Pavel Chekov on one boat? This is becoming the most geektastic cast ever! LOVE it!

When I said that Jewel Staite won with a pretty large margin? That was nothing compared to the margin Anton Yelchin won with. He creamed the other competition for Luke. This race was over almost as soon as it began. Jamie Bell and Thomas Dekker tied for silver with four votes each, and every other nominee tied for third place with two votes each . . . even Gregory Smith, who up till this morning was the only candidate who hadn’t received any love at all . . . but this one was really no contest. Yelchin killed.

Good God. Now I’m gonna have to start making a list for Daddy Darth Vader too. Oh, the possibilities . . .

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