Do Werewolves Bark?

Dammit! I was finally, finally going to exercise my rights as tie-breaker!

Last week, I asked you what your favorite werewolf film was. Until last night, there had been a four-way tie: An American Werewolf in London, Teen Wolf, Underworld, and The Wolf Man. But today, somebody in the wee hours of the morning tipped the scales in favor of . . .

The Wolf Man!

I can tell you right now, if I had been the deciding vote, this wouldn’t have won. It’s been about a decade since I last saw it, but when I watched the film, I actively disliked The Wolf Man. Sorry, voters, but it’s easily my least favorite of the films I’ve seen on this list (although, to be fair, I haven’t seen a number of these movies).

Sadly, for me, I have been overruled. Therefore, The Wolf Man takes first, An American Werewolf in London takes second (because that’s the film I would have picked, no question), and Teen Wolf and Underworld tie for third. Do you know, I’ve never seen Teen Wolf? I have a sneaking suspicion that if we had a werewolf at our high school, he wouldn’t have been popular just because he could play basketball. But, you know, maybe. Michael J. Fox is sort of inherently likable.

A vampire basketball star, though . . . that might have been different.

16 thoughts on “Do Werewolves Bark?

  1. Teen Wolf worked for me mainly because of Michael J. Fox. It’s also in the “so bad it’s good” category. Unfortunately An American Werewolf, though bad, is not bad enough to have become good.

    • Wow, couldn’t disagree more on An American Werewolf in London. That’s not even a guilty pleasure for me. I genuinely like the movie. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite werewolf movie ever, although Ginger Snaps does run a close second.

      • Although I doubt you’d find more than one person in a million who would consider it a guilty pleasure, they must exist. I’m sure there are people who would consider Citizen Kane a guilty pleasure. Well, maybe that’s not the best example. It took me several tries to see that one all the way through. Historically important, maybe, but a bit high on the fromage meter by today’s standards…. Anyway, I haven’t seen either American Werewolf movies. Of the two, the sequel is the only one that seems like it could qualify for guilty pleasure status but appears to not be quite bad enough for that. The original seems almost universally praised.

      • it’s well known as a good film, one of the best horror, horror-comedy and certainly werewolf movies. i’ve never met anybody ever who thinks it’s “so bad”, it’s universrally thought of as a great movie. it should be quite obvious why i said that, and why i think that. i’d go far enough to say anybody who dislikes it missed out and has poor taste.

      • That’s all just your opinion, which is obviously by nature subjective. Your own personal taste is not an absolute. Clearly you and reason have at best a nodding acquaintance.

        • Yes, but then you followed that up with “Clearly, you and reason have at best a nodding acquaintance.” Which I certainly would have considered rude, had it been directed at me. You’ve both made your point, so let’s just move on. Preferably to a new werewolf-related subject, like worst looking werewolves. My vote? BTVS : )

      • Is it a guilty pleasure for you? No. It can’t be. You don’t like it.
        Have you ever met anyone for whom it is a guilty pleasure? No. Well neither have we.

        Speaking generally, it doesn’t appear to be a guilty pleasure for anyone.

        Yeah sure, there might be some random person out there who considers it a guilty pleasure, but it seems pretty unlikely. Especially when you remember that guilty pleasures are normally movies you like even though everyone recognises that the movie is bad. American Werewolf in London is generally highly praised.

        Here’s an example. I HATE 2001:A Space Odessey. I can’t stand that pretentious (though pretty) nonsense. It equally bores and frustrates me. I know of plenty of people who have a similar feeling about the movie too. Still, I cannot imagine anyone referring to it as a guilty pleasure. 2001 is often put forward as one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. The idea of someone saying that they really like it, but they still recognise that it’s no bloody good seems pretty unlikely considering the reputation the movie now has. – Does that make sense?

  2. I’m very surprised you haven’t seen Teen Wolf. I think it’s the kind of film you’d really enjoy. It’s got that certain 80’s charm.

    I actually just watched The Wolf Man this past weekend on TCM. I enjoyed it. It’s a hundred times better than that shit with Benicio Del Toro that came out a couple years ago.

    • I’ve missed out on a decent amount of 80’s films. I do plan on watching them all eventually, even the ones that I can’t seem to work up much interest in (like Pretty in PInk), but there are just so many things I want to see and so little time in the night.

      I may someday give The Wolf Man a second chance, but it’s not high on the list. Honestly, the Benecio del Toro movie didn’t even get a first chance. I thought it looked pretty damn awful.

      • I’ve missed a lot of 80s movies too (for example all the Indian Jones movies) mainly because I didn’t watch (or wasn’t allowed to watch) many movies or much TV in those days. Teen Wolf I did get to see, but then and now I have little to no interest in watching Pretty In Pink but it’s on my pile due to its “Classic 80s” status.

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