Because Puppets Are Superior . . .

I am, generally, not a big fan of CGI. It tends to take me right out of the movie. I like my computer graphics to be extremely limited or possibly even nonexistent.

Of course, not all CGI is created equal.

Some is even worse.

I automatically decided to take anything from the 1990’s out of the running because it didn’t seem fair to pit The Lawnmower Man against something made over a decade later. And I tried to focus in on one particular scene or character per movie. Obviously, some of these movies had several possibilities to choose from.

Voting ends in one week.

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9 Responses to Because Puppets Are Superior . . .

  1. I can’t even vote because you didn’t include the vampire/zombie creatures in “I Am Legend” — seriously.

    • Sorry. I never saw it, and it didn’t pop up much in my research. You could consider the question ‘the second worst CGI ever’ or something : )

    • Kirsten says:

      EXACTLY what I was going to say.

      Along with: I’ve never seen any of the movies you listed. I can’t answer your polls very often… perhaps I should watch more movies?

      • To be fair, I haven’t seen all of them myself. I come up with the examples I can think of, and then I google other people’s top ten lists to see what I’m missing. I laughed pretty hard when I saw the Blade II fight on youtube. It’s all normal and fun until Blade and the ninjas start flying.

        I will endeavor to come up with a Kirsten-friendly poll for next week. Hmmmm . . . the possibiities . . .

  2. Susan says:

    The Hulk’s purple pants, Bwaaaahaha.

  3. Emeraldus says:

    For me the worst use of CGI is the stunt driving in the live action G.I. Joe movie. Yeah, I understand stunt people can get seriously hurt or even killed doing these things, but if the vehicle stunt is not humanly possible, then don’t include it in your movie.

  4. Macabre says:

    I voted for The Mummy Returned. The Rock looked more realistic in my N64 game than he did in that movie.

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