Because Puppets Are Superior . . .

I am, generally, not a big fan of CGI. It tends to take me right out of the movie. I like my computer graphics to be extremely limited or possibly even nonexistent.

Of course, not all CGI is created equal.

Some is even worse.

I automatically decided to take anything from the 1990’s out of the running because it didn’t seem fair to pit The Lawnmower Man against something made over a decade later. And I tried to focus in on one particular scene or character per movie. Obviously, some of these movies had several possibilities to choose from.

Voting ends in one week.

9 thoughts on “Because Puppets Are Superior . . .

    • EXACTLY what I was going to say.

      Along with: I’ve never seen any of the movies you listed. I can’t answer your polls very often… perhaps I should watch more movies?

      • To be fair, I haven’t seen all of them myself. I come up with the examples I can think of, and then I google other people’s top ten lists to see what I’m missing. I laughed pretty hard when I saw the Blade II fight on youtube. It’s all normal and fun until Blade and the ninjas start flying.

        I will endeavor to come up with a Kirsten-friendly poll for next week. Hmmmm . . . the possibiities . . .

  1. For me the worst use of CGI is the stunt driving in the live action G.I. Joe movie. Yeah, I understand stunt people can get seriously hurt or even killed doing these things, but if the vehicle stunt is not humanly possible, then don’t include it in your movie.

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