Saved! (No, Not the Movie)

Okay, fellow True Blood fans. The one character you would save from ever being killed off is . . .


(Spoilers for the first book ahead)

This one isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s still kind of funny considering (like one commenter already noticed) that the show’s already saved his life once. In the novels, Lafayette is killed off, and killed off really early. The fact that he’s still alive means that he’s a huge fan favorite . . . but it also means that, technically, he’s living on borrowed time. He could easily be killed off without disrupting anything from the books. (Though, from what I understand, staying close to the novels isn’t exactly Alan Ball’s first, or eighth, priority.) Still, this would be very, very depressing. Lafayette is awesome. He even manages to work the very silly mohawk he has going on right now.

Pam came in second place, only a few votes behind, and much to my utter shock, Tara came in third (admittedly, it was a very distant third). Every other character got one vote each. For my money, while I adore both Lafayette and Pam, there’s something about Terry that’s just so endearing. I want to marry Terry . . . or keep him as a pet. I haven’t decided which yet.

Sadly, Terry would be much easier to kill off than almost anyone on this list.

Let my Terry live!

One thought on “Saved! (No, Not the Movie)

  1. Isn’t marriage basically the same as keeping him as a pet? You’ll have to potty train him, occasionally feed him and he’ll try to hump your leg (and other things around him).


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