Evil Never Prevails . . . But You Know You Wish It Would, Sometimes.

There are a lot of ingredients to a Disney movie. Romance. Magic. Elton John. All of these things are vital, and yet none of them are quite as significant as the best part of any children’s film . . . the villain.

I don’t really understand why the Cheshire Cat is in this picture. Oh well.

Obviously, this poll is only about animated Disney films, otherwise Captain Barbossa would cut everyone to shreds and win. And I wanted to keep the list of nominees at ten, so I did have to cut a few characters. Apologies if your favorite didn’t make it on. Feel free to vote for your second favorite, in that case.

Voting ends on July 25th, at whatever time I feel like getting up.

3 thoughts on “Evil Never Prevails . . . But You Know You Wish It Would, Sometimes.

  1. it was a tough choice between Scar and Ursula, but the mouse made me click on Scar, plus Jeremy Irons speaking voice is just so great. These are my favorite love to hate villians. I could not vote for a character like Cruella because she’s so damn evil in a very special and horrifying way. I think the worst Disney villian ever is the hunter from Bambi followed by anybody who got up in between Dumbo and his mommy:( I’m overtired…I know how dumb I sound.

  2. For me, it has to be Maleficent. She’s pretty much the only real reason to watch the movie. And she turns into a dragon!

    I was going to post a link to the scene of her turning into a dragon, but I found something much better. Turns out she does one of the voices in the game “Bioshock” (which I haven’t played), so someone has taken various quotes from that game and put them into Sleeping Beauty scenes. It’s hilarious.

  3. Had to vote for Scar. Just good stuff. However I think my favorite Disney villian (animated. otherwise, yes, Barbosa would destroy all.) Would actually be Shan Yu from Mulan. Not great film, sure (though Mushu tops my favorite Disney side kicks list as well), but Shan Yu was great. That scene where he sends the Chinese guys back with a message for the emperor then, after considering for a moment, asks, “How many men does it take to deliver a message?” Chilling.

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