Oh. My. God.

Captain Planet is going to be made into a live-action film. CAPTAIN PLANET.

In case you don’t remember (or never watched) this show, here are the opening and closing credits for Captain Planet:

I’m giddy. I’m bemused. I’m terrified.

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6 Responses to GO PLANET!!!!!

  1. Tom Palmer says:

    Captain Planet? Well, that is a um bold choice. 🙂

    • Very bold. I’m trying to decide who should play Captain Planet, and by should, I mean who would make me laugh the hardest. I can’t explain it, but my brain keeps returning to Matt Damon for some reason. Hee. And now I’m giggling again.

  2. Macabre says:

    Just watching that video was insanely nostalgic. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the overt environmental message without seeming preachy. I don’t know. It’s nearly impossible for me to imagine this working on the big screen, especially if they take a serious approach. They might as well make it a comedy and heap on the cheese.

    • Macabre says:

      Let’s also hope that Captain Planet isn’t just CGI with some famous actor’s face.

      • That’d be really depressing. I hope not.

        Yeah, I kind of can’t see this as anything other than insanely campy. Any attempt at a serious approach will, I think, end up in unintentional comedy.

  3. Tom Palmer says:

    I’d prefer a serious approach as that would be more fun to laugh at than something deliberately campy.

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