Oh. My. God.

Captain Planet is going to be made into a live-action film. CAPTAIN PLANET.

In case you don’t remember (or never watched) this show, here are the opening and closing credits for Captain Planet:

I’m giddy. I’m bemused. I’m terrified.

6 thoughts on “GO PLANET!!!!!

    • Very bold. I’m trying to decide who should play Captain Planet, and by should, I mean who would make me laugh the hardest. I can’t explain it, but my brain keeps returning to Matt Damon for some reason. Hee. And now I’m giggling again.

  1. Just watching that video was insanely nostalgic. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the overt environmental message without seeming preachy. I don’t know. It’s nearly impossible for me to imagine this working on the big screen, especially if they take a serious approach. They might as well make it a comedy and heap on the cheese.

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