Bad Guys Rule . . .

There are so many good Disney villains. There are funny ones, silly ones, classic ones. There are villains that are actually too creepy to really belong in a G-rated film. (Looking at you, Claude Frollo.)

But who is your very favorite villain, above all the rest?

Scar from The Lion King!

The Lion King isn’t my favorite Disney film . . . although it’s probably my favorite version of Hamlet . . . but Scar is the epitome of awesome. He’s hilarious and menacing and he’s voiced perfectly by the impeccable Jeremy Irons, who needs to narrate the story of my life now.

Scar won with a decent margin, nearly 40% of the vote. Second place is awarded to Maleficent, who did well but could never quite catch up to Scar. A distant third place goes to five different contenders: The Evil Queen, Izma, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Claude Frollo. Last place is, sadly, awarded to Captain Hook, who received no votes at all. Poor Hook.

Although, to be fair, when I think of how awesome Hook is, I’m usually thinking of Dustin Hoffman.

Love you, Dustin Hoffman!

2 thoughts on “Bad Guys Rule . . .

  1. Scar is an excellent pick… and mostly the reason I watched the Lion King more than once as a kid (like, a few days ago.) Though I must cast my personal vote for the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. What an absolutely wicked creature!

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