Choose But Choose Wisely . . .

There are a lot of amazing actors out there. I could never pick my favorite.

. . . Alan Rickman’s pretty high up on the list, though.

Per usual, I had to cut short a few roles to keep this list manageable. I’m sorry if your favorite was left off. Trust me, I wanted to get Blow Dry in there . . . but I just couldn’t justify it compared to the other nominees.

Voting ends on August 1st.

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6 Responses to Choose But Choose Wisely . . .

  1. Patrick says:

    Damn you, Carlie. Damn you for making me choose.

  2. csaeating says:

    Ack! So many great roles! ❤ Alan Rickman so much.

  3. Tom Palmer says:

    I had to go with the Sheriff of Nottingham, the only reason to see that movie.

  4. Katie says:

    I love Alan Rickman.
    I love him as Snape, Hans Gruber, and the Sheriff.
    Yet, I loved him as Colonel Brandon. It’s such a sweet story and I cry every time.
    Too bad I had to choose just one…

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