Stalking Comic Con . . .

As I’ve whined and complained for two weeks straight now to anyone who will listen, I was not able go to Comic Con this year. Thankfully, a lot of other people did. And those people wrote about what they saw.

So, I thought I’d post some of the more interesting (or weirdest) movie news/trailers that I’ve read about in this last week.

Knights of Badassdom

I’d come across the description of this movie months ago while looking up Ryan Kwanten and Jimmi Simpson on imdb . . . but I was starting to think it was one of those films that wouldn’t be released for 8,000 years due to the money issues. Thankfully, Comic Con proved me wrong, and now that I’ve seen the actual trailer? Man, this better have a midnight showing, because I am so there.

A Cabin in the Woods

Talk about a movie that’s been stuck in pre-release Hell. I have no trailers or clips from this Joss Whedon scripted horror film, just a release date: April 13th, 2012.

(I don’t think this was actually announced at Comic Con, btw. But I read about it while researching, so I’m cheating and including it, anyway. I’m really interested in this one.)

The Walking Dead

I know, TV, not movies. Well, tough. There’s going to be a lot of TV love in this post. I think the first season of The Walking Dead was a little shaky at parts, but there was also a lot to be excited about, especially that pilot. Man, that pilot was good. Here’s to hoping season two is even better!

In Time

Fair warning: this is one of those trailers that appears to show you most of the movie.

This is another film I found out about on imdb, and I’ve been interested in it for awhile—it’s like a modern update on Logan’s Run with a pretty solid cast. (Yes, including Justin Timberlake. I may not like a lot of his music, but he’s done some decent acting. I really liked his work in Black Snake Moan.)

I’m not sure if this movie’s going to be good or not, but I am definitely intrigued. In Time is sort of a lame title, but hey, at least they finally settled on one.

The Raven

I couldn’t find a trailer for this, but John Cusack as crime-fighting Edgar Allan Poe? Oh, wow, that sounds . . . sorry, that sounds so bad. I mean, I like John Cusack and all, but this just looks awful.

Doctor Who

I can’t embed the trailer here . . . dammit . . . but here is a link for the second half of the season. Man, how is it not the end of August yet?

If you think bow ties are cool, click here.

Sushi Girl

Well, this looks . . . interesting.

Seriously, the trailer doesn’t exactly tell you what this movie’s about, and I’m not at all certain that this is going to be any good . . . but I’m intrigued and more than mildly creeped out. Mark Hamill, dude. Little scared of you . . .

Snow White and the Huntsman

Um. It’s not that I don’t like badass chicks . . . this is just . . . a little different than I was expecting Snow White to look like. I’m kind of intrigued. Kind of worried, too. I’ve always been really into fairy tales, so I want to be excited about the 8,000 things coming out this year, but nothing looks really dark or bloody enough for me. Maybe I’ll just rewatch Snow White: A Tale of Terror again.

And finally . . .

Batman: Year One

I absolutely fell in love with Batman: Under the Red Hood when it premiered at Comic Con last year. I don’t know if I think this one can quite compare, but it still looks pretty damn awesome. I’m more than willing to try it out.

Next year, Comic Con! Next year, I will be there!

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