A God Among Television . . .

Today’s poll is simple. Eloquent. A question for the ages. And, most importantly, doesn’t force me to wade through thirty potential nominees and cut the list down to a more manageable ten, incurring the wrath of that one person who absolutely loved the 2.1 rated cult film Dracula Goes to Pluto and is outraged to see that it’s not on the list for best science fiction movie ever or something.. (Note: Dracula Goes to Pluto is not a real film. But it should be.)

Joss Whedon fans? This one’s for you:

Now, I’d like to make this clear: you are only voting on the television show. Serenity doesn’t count. Neither does the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie with Kristy Swanson. And no sneaking in votes for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, either. I love it, but it doesn’t count for this poll.

Voting ends on Monday, August 15th.

10 thoughts on “A God Among Television . . .

  1. I think the acting and writing was strongest overall on Dollhouse, but the question said “favorite” so I went with Firefly.

  2. Buffy. Definitely. I had a hard time with Firefly (though I loved Serenity, go figure). I’m told that I’m missing the point and that it’s quite good, so I’ll probably give it another chance.

  3. Firefly, then Buffy, Dollhouse, and Angel, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. It had moments of greatness, but usually it was just okay. However, I will happily watch pretty much anything that has Amy Acker.

    Next time someone starts up with “People only liked Firefly because it was made by the guy who made Buffy,” I think I’ll just point them here. Their whole argument falls apart if people liked Firefly better than Buffy.

    • I never had anyone tell me that, and if they did I would have a good old laugh as I myself did not really consider Buffy until falling in love with Firefly. And I know way more Firefly fans than Buffy fans. I even know at least one who outright disliked Buffy but loved both Firefly and Dollhouse.

      • Family Guy was right I guess. Entertainment Weekly said that Buffy was popular but almost no one watched it. I thought it seemed good at the time, but there’s just no comparison. Firefly all the way.

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