Remake! Remake! Remake!

We all know that most remakes suck. There are some really good ones, of course, but mostly . . . yeah, they just suck. It’s only even more aggravating when it’s your favorite movies that are getting dissected and badly sewn back together for a buck. Why are you wasting your time on something that’s already excellent? Why not pick a bad movie, for once, and make it awesome?

Well, for your next blasphemous poll, I completely ignored all that sage advice and started coming up with some very classic movies that could be very . . . interesting . . . with other directors.

I did try to come up with directors who could conceivably do something unique and potentially even good with their selected film, instead of just pairing someone like George A. Romero with something sappy like Titantic. (Although, admittedly, that would be awesome.) The choice of what would be most intriguing—like you might actually want to see it—is up to you.

Voting ends on August 22nd.

10 thoughts on “Remake! Remake! Remake!

  1. I had to look up Baz Luhrman. I’ve seen Austalia, but I have zero interest in seeing any of his other movies. If 2001 was to be remade, I’d like to see someone like David Lunch direct it. If that combination had been on the poll, it probably would’ve been my vote.

    I don’t think I’d have much interest in Nolan’s North by Northwest or Burton’s Hook.

    I’m having a hard time deciding which to vote for. The Breakfast Club via Wes Anderson would be very interesting. Del Toro seems perfect for a remake of The Neverending Story. I think the combination that would result in the best movie, however, would probably be Tarantino’s version of The Magnificent Seven, so I guess that’ll be my vote.

  2. I just don’t think I could be on board with any of these. Especially the Burton one My own personal little geek blasphemy is that I simply can’t stand burton. Very few of his movies have I actually enjoyed, and at least one of those was simply swatted aside later by a far far superior interpretation.

    Where is the Wheadon does Star Wars option? You know, to follow up with last week’s poll with what we would like to see him do after The Avengers.

    • Kind of didn’t want to throw in Star Wars, not for this particular poll. Besides, remaking Star Wars is kind of an ongoing thing on this blog. I’m very slowly using polls to recast the original trilogy. So far, it’s Guillermo del Toro directing, Nathan Fillion as Han, Anton Yelchin as Luke, and Jewel Staite as Leia.

      • I had noticed the casting. I didn’t recall seeing a director, which is why I thought it would have been a perfect addition here. Which reminds me, I know this is the wrong article, but I also loved your proposed changes. Most of them at least.

  3. I can actually imagine a version of Neverending Story done by del Toro that would be pretty great. Nothing like the original, of course, but if fans could treat it as a different movie, potentially really good.

  4. I’m a bad geek, ’cause I found 2001: Space Odyssey to be BORING. So don’t see the point in remaking that.

    I LOVED Breakfast Club to pieces so NO REMAKE. Lethal Weapon by Martin Scorcese could be very interesting so I’d choose that rather than Magnificent Seven remake by Tarantino.

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