If You’re Going to Remake It, At Least Make It Interesting . . .

Most classic movies should not be remade. But I went ahead and proposed a few anyway, pairing said movies with some famous directors who might be a good fit . . . or might at least do something unique with the material. The remake that you good people would most like to see?

What would a del Toro Falcor look like, I wonder?

The NeverEnding Story, as done by Guillermo del Toro!

del Toro easily shut out the competition, garnering 57% of the vote. Second place goes to a Christopher Nolan remake of North by Northwest, and third place goes to a Tim Burton adaptation of Hook. (You know Johnny Depp would be in this if it got made. Personally, I’d hope that he’d play Robin William’s part and not Dustin Hoffman’s. I’m much more interested in seeing him playing grown up Peter Pan than another freaking pirate.)

Every nominee got some love, though, except a Wes Anderson remake of The Breakfast Club. This makes me a little sad. Okay, I wouldn’t have voted for it over del Toro, either, but I’m just in love with the idea of introducing the brain, the athlete, the princess, the basket case, and the criminal in a Wes Anderson cast of characters. I think that would be hilarious.

Oh well. Maybe someday.

2 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Remake It, At Least Make It Interesting . . .

  1. I actually tried to vote for Wes Anderson, but for some reason the poll wouldn’t work for me. And I haven’t actually seen The Neverending Story, anyway.

    • Bummer about the poll being problematic. I don’t know why it was acting up.

      I think The NeverEnding Story is worth seeing . . . but I also haven’t watched it in years, so I’m not sure if it’s one of those movies that holds up or not once you hit adulthood.

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