It’s That Time Again . . .

The Adventure Has Been Cast Thus Far:

Han Solo: Nathan Fillion
Luke Skywalker: Anton Yelchin
Princess Leia: Jewel Staite

(Director: Guillermo del Toro)

It’s only natural that we continue with quite possibly the hardest casting call ever: Darth Vader.

NOTE: I am asking you to cast for both body and voice here. In my imaginary remake, Darth Vader isn’t going to be played by more than one person. Besides the fact that it seems silly to me, I’m also trying to avoid another moment where you’re thinking, Darth Vader is so BADASS . . . oh, wait, he’s really just this soft, pasty, old white guy? Well, that’s genuinely disappointing. Of course, makeup can be used to make anyone appear older or creepier, but just keep in mind: you’re replacing James Earl Jones and Sebastian Shaw here. Preferably David Prowse, too, although I suspect that depends on how much the costume weighs. Best not to have the actor toppling over while giving his ‘I am your father’ speech, after all.

I fully admit to having kind of a weird medley of actors here, some of whom may seem like strange choices to you. What can I say? It’s pretty hard to come up with an adequate substitute for James Earl Jones, especially when you know that no one is ever going to be able to copy him. They’ll be doing their own interpretation of the role. You’re voting for the person who you trust will do the most faithful interpretation . . . or just whoever you think will be the most awesome.

As always, you’re totally welcome to throw out your own casting ideas in the comments, but just know, they won’t be added to the poll, no matter how inspired their casting seems to you. The nominees are set. The winner, however, IS up to you.

Voting ends on August 29th!

6 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again . . .

  1. I had a really tough time choosing between Josh Brolin and Viggo Mortensen. Oddly now that I’ve voted, they are both on 2 votes. If I’d made a different choice Viggo Mortensen would be in the lead. The thing is though, Viggo Mortensen is a very facially expressive but subtle actor.

    I couldn’t help but feel that his performance would be lost under a mask. Josh Brolin, on the other hand, while also pretty good with facial expressiveness also has a distinctive gruff voice.

  2. I wonder if adding a ‘none of the above’ category would be useful in a poll like this? I couldn’t vote for any of the above choices. Darth is particularly difficult to cast – I mean are we just talking about the voice of Darth or are we looking for a complete Darth replacement and casting an actor to be on camera AND the voice. Are we just looking for someone that sounds a bit gruff because we still hear James Earl Jones in our heads and want a sound-a-like? Maybe Michael Clark Duncan (from The Green Mile) should get the job. I might vote for him.

    • Not useful, necessarily, but valid : )

      Yes, like I said earlier, I’m looking for somebody to be both the voice and the face. I’d like someone who can walk around in the suit as well, but I’m not nearly as concerned about that. Mostly just someone who can do the voice work and who can talk to Luke, face to face, in Return of the Jedi. As far as a soundalike goes. . . that’s actually up to the voters. Although I can’t think of many people who sound like J.E.J, anyway.

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