Impressive . . . Most Impressive . . .

Once again, I am forced to break a tie that I find very hard to break. Last week, I asked you who should play Darth Vader in my imaginary remake of Star Wars. Opinion was incredibly divided. Every actor who was nominated received at least one vote, and the top two actors actually had less than ten votes between them. The final choice came down to these two:


Viggo Mortensen versus Josh Brolin. Awesome.

I like both of these actors very much. I tend to think of Josh Brolin as a vocal chameleon, which was half the reason I nominated him in the first place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: that man does crazy shit with his voice. But even with my faith in his incredible talents . . . I do have a hard time hearing him deliver certain key lines. I hear Viggo Mortensen’s voice much more clearly. Obviously, it wouldn’t sound a damn thing like James Earl Jones—no matter how much Mortensen plays with his voice, I don’t think he’ll ever quite have that low-pitch BOOM I normally associate with Darth Vader—but I really do think he could make it work. I imagine his Darth Vader would be a creepier version of Our Dark Lord of Sith, and I can really see him being unmasked by Luke at the end of the third of the movie.

So, in a very, very tight race, I am officially breaking the tie. Your new Darth Vader . . .

. . . is Aragorn. Also, Lucifer. If you’ve never watched The Prophecy before, you should check it out sometime. Viggo’s got maybe ten minutes in the whole thing, but he may be the best part . . . and that’s including the spectacular Christopher Walken. If you’re just interested in seeing Viggo and not the whole film, somebody compiled his clips here. Fair warning, though, it does cover the end of the movie.)

And may I just say . . . I am so impressed Alan Cumming actually got votes. Hell, not only did he get votes, he actually tied for second place with Kiefer Sutherland. I had this instinctual need to put him on the ballot, this belief that he could fulfill the role no matter how strange it might seem, but in no way did I actually expect anyone to agree with me.

Thus concludes our geek casting for now. To recap:

Ensign Chekov is Luke Skywalker
Kaylee Frye is Princess Leia
Mal Reynolds is Han Solo
Aragorn is Darth Vader

I love geekcasting.

One thought on “Impressive . . . Most Impressive . . .

  1. Viggo isn’t wearing a mask in the prophecy and while he’s pretty horrible I’m not exactly getting the commanding voice thing from that clip.

    I mean Josh Brolin even has a deep commanding voice when he’s NOT acting:

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