Once Upon a Time . . .

The year of 2012 is clearly going to be the year of fairy tales. We’ll be getting two fairy tale themed television shows—sadly, neither of which is Fables—and two upcoming Snow White movies, neither of which I’m terribly interested in. This depresses me a bit because I love fairy tales, and I think there are so many interesting things you can do with them. Therefore, I have a new poll for you today.

I know some of these are a little vague. I thought about actually coming up with whole plot lines for you to choose from . . . but I was a little lazy. Plus, I figured you guys could leave comments about how you would see, say, a steampunk Cinderella or a Snow White space opera happening. I love to see people’s various interpretations of the stories that we’ve all grown up with.

Voting ends on September 5th.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time . . .

  1. Steampunk Cinderella’s price needs to be Nikola Tesla. Granted, it would have to be a serious reimagining of Tesla so he’s not an insane germaphobe and is possibly a little bit interested in women, but that would be awesome. 😀

  2. For me it was kind of a tie between the Gothic Little Mermaid and Steampunk Cinderella. I went with steampunk, because there’s so few steampunk movies out there (at least that I know of).

    Of course now that I think of it, there’s been so many remakes of the Cinderella story, and barely any of The Little Mermaid. Not to mention I don’t think anyone’s tackled the original Hans Christian Andersen version, so if someone were to do that, especially a Gothic version, that would probably be amazing. Too late to change my vote though.

  3. I decided on the gothic Little Mermaid, in part because that was always my favourite fairy tale as a kid, and I don’t like the Disney movie much, so I can’t say I’ve seen it done well. Also The Little Mermaid is about the mermaid herself as well as what happens to her – she has her own personality and dreams and makes concious decisions that influence the story, and whatnot – unlike Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella IMHO, and I think that would make a more interesting movie.

    A Jack & The Beanstalk western would also have been pretty damn cool, though.

  4. Isn’t gothic Little Mermaid just the actual story (as opposed to the Disney BS)? If so, that’s a far more down to earth choice than any of the others.

    Modern day Hansel and Gretel could work if it’s barely comparable to the original. Anyone remember “Freeway” (modernised Red Riding Hood)?

    Jack and the Beanstalk as a western isn’t really fitting for me. Jack would have to be an idiot because he’s gullible enough to buy beans. A good western would need a gunslinger. I’m not sure to what extent I could accept an idiot gunslinger unless the real protagonist was someone else (since I suppose “The Ugly” would count as an idiot gunslinger).

    The key scene of Snow White that I’m trying to imagine is Snow White being taken out to a deserted planet and abandoned (only to find herself meeting up with aliens who help her?). I’m not quite able to see how it would fit. Then again, like with “Freeway”, it could be barely comparable while having the basic structure (and perhaps a few iconic nods).

    Actually, Snow White in space might work. I think we’d need to make Snow White a bit more kickass (but that’s a given right?). Perhaps she’s led out to the deserted planet and betrayed because she’s told there’s something there she wants? Perhaps she’s a space pirate as well as a princess, stealing gold (ok, equivalent sci-fi treasure. Fuel crystals or something) for the kingdom (like a female sci-fi Francis Drake)? Perhaps this is making her too popular and the Queen is jealous for THAT reason? Ok, I’m clearly getting carried away, but I think that’s a good sign.

  5. Modern Day Hansel & Gretel. I loved the Buffy episode involving them – it was totally creepy! But this new telling could involve all kinds of gritty scenes of children on the streets and the “candy house” would no doubt be the drug dealer’s den…

  6. I just watched a trailer for a very odd looking French Sleeping Beauty movie, and since you were disappointed about your lack of interest in the ones you mentioned, I thought I’d link you.

    I saw an Aussie movie called Sleeping Beauty earlier this year, but the connection was only metaphorical – it wasn’t an adaptation or a reimagining or anything. More like if Sofia Coppola and Lars Von Trier worked together on a non-sci-fi version of Dollhouse. I liked it, but it was pretty squicky, and I thought the trailer for it was better.

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed that with other people’s comments.

        I’d actually seen the trailer for the Australian Sleeping Beauty film, but I’d forgotten about it. It looks really interesting . . . but, yes, potentially odd and squicky. I hate when the trailer ends up being so much better than the movie. There are some really great trailers out there. And then the films are just sort of . . . eh. Still might try it out at some time, though, since you said you still liked the movie. And I will definitely try out the French one at some point. That looks like crazy fun. (May turn out to be just crazy. Still. Must try.)

        There is another fairy tale movie coming out that I forgot to mention . . . they’re doing a grown up Hansel and Gretel as witch hunters. I don’t know if this is going to be any good, but with Jeremy Renner as Hansel . . . I suspect I’ll have to watch 🙂

      • Fair warning – Sleeping Beauty is one of those movies where people’s mileage tends to vary quite a lot, in that way where it’s either seen as a strange and brilliant kind of visual poetry or dull, pointless, pretentious piffle. It’s very much an art film, for better or worse. Anyway, if you do end up seeing it, I’d be interested in hearing what you think of it.

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