The Future Is Near. You Will Be Busy.

If you like science-fiction, this is worth checking out.

Somebody made an infographic detailing the chronology of the future . . . if movies are to be believed, anyway. Did you know that we’re scheduled to be cloning people, turning dead police officers into robots, and zooming around on hoverboards with Marty McFly, all in the same calendar year?

Check the whole thing out here.

6 thoughts on “The Future Is Near. You Will Be Busy.

  1. I’m not aware of there being an actual year for the bubble stuff in “The Fountain”. I’ll have to double check that though.

    Also, I’m not sure that Red Dwarf envisaged us having massive red spaceships for deep space mining missions in 1988. *shrugs*

    What’s would be quite funny is to see a few of the things that are supposed to have already happened. The nuclear apocalypse in T2 (yeah they avert it but even so) is supposed to happen in 1997. In “Split Second” starring Rutger Hauer features London flooded due to global warming in 2008. Also, let’s not forget that in Demolition Man we already have high tech cryogenics facilities in the year 1996. And let’s not forget the psychotically logical AI and highly developed space travel available in the year 2001. 😉

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