Good Luck, Folks . . .

You know this guy, right?

Sure you do. Everyone does. He’s directed a shitload of wildly popular movies.

Now, I specifically asked for your favorite Spielberg movie. You may also think it’s the best Spielberg movie, but it doesn’t have to be. If I didn’t list your favorite Spielberg . . . sorry. I wanted the list to be at least somewhat manageable. The guy’s done a lot of movies. Pick your favorite from the list, then, and feel free to comment on the unappreciated genius of your true favorite.

Voting ends September 12th.

23 thoughts on “Good Luck, Folks . . .

  1. Schindler’s is obviously his “best” film…but as for my personal favorite? Raiders. Hands down. It’s not even a real question.

    • Yeah, I actually like Temple of Doom, too, but I don’t meet many people who say it’s their favorite of the Indiana Jones movies. It’s not mine, either, so I ended up cutting it. I do really like Short Round, though. I guess a lot of people find him obnoxious, but what can I say? I like little precocious Asian sidekicks. (Besides, I love him in The Goonies : )

  2. I’m quite shocked to see that three people picked “Hook”. Look, each to their own and everything, but as someone who went to see it in the cinema as a little child I’m not sure I quite understand… *scratches head*

    • I liked the idea of Hook, and I really liked Dustin Hoffman, but Robin Williams is extremely annoying, most of the kids overact which is super irritating and the movie just isn’t that great. Plus, Julia Roberts is majorly miscast. I’m also surprised…it was okay at the time it came out, but I don’t think of that movie as something my age group fondly remembers, so maybe I’m too old for it.

      • I haven’t watched Hook all the way through in a long time, but I still kind of love it. Robin Williams is probably my least favorite actor in the movie, but I actually think his energy works okay in the film . . . just not as good as I assume Kevin Kline would’ve been. (Apparently, he was originally supposed to star.) I don’t really have any problems with anyone else. I don’t think Hook would be my top choice of Spielberg’s work, but it wouldn’t be my last choice, either.

        Though I must say, I’m a little surprised by some of the Hook hate I’ve been reading lately. (Or Hook dislike, I guess, but that’s not nearly as alliterative.) Honestly, until last week, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone say anything bad about that movie, like, ever.

    • Sorry, I have to disagree with that one. I’m not one of those people who, like, worships at the altar of Spielberg, exactly, but the man’s got a VERY good track record. I think he’s made a lot of excellent, fun films.

      • I’m just not a fan. He’s definitely a very good director, and I can’t say I’ve ever hated any of his films, but I can think of a long, long list of directors I like a lot more. I voted for Saving Private Ryan, although I gave some consideration toward E.T.. I’ve never seen Schindler’s List, which is apparently his masterpiece and one of the greatest films ever made.

        Crystal Skull was the first Indiana Jones film I watched and I thought it was a blast. It was a very fun movie, and I was surprised when all my friends lambasted it once we were outside the theater. They’re big fans of the original films, though, and they thought that the aliens and over-the-topness of Crystal Skull was a high form of blasphemy. I went back and watched Raiders and actually found it rather dull. I’ve yet to see the other two.

        A lot of people seem to think that Spielberg was the true director of Poltergeist. If true, that’s by far my favorite film of his. I LOVE Poltergeist.

        • Maybe someday I’ll do a thing on all the Indiana Jones movies. I like them a lot, but I do have issues with them. (I do so love the Indiana Jones character, though.)

          I just looked it up, and I actually didn’t realize just how involved Spielberg was with making Poltergeist. I still wouldn’t put it on the poll . . . it just doesn’t seem fair, with Tobe Hooper being the credited director and not knowing exactly who did what for sure . . .but I’ve got to agree: I love me some Poltergeist 🙂

  3. ACK! So difficult! Hook! Jaws! Close Encounters! ET! O_O

    I had to go with Raiders, which really stands out as one of the best action movies ever. Die Hard is also one of those movies. 🙂

    Schindler’s List was… almost transcendent… but I couldn’t bear to watch it again.

    • I have to make myself watch Schindler’s List at some point. I know I need to see it, and I will, eventually, but . . . jeez. I expect I’ll need an ice cream sundae, cartoons, and possibly some cuddle time with a baby kitten afterwards to make myself feel better.

  4. I would’ve picked E.T if it was listed. This is usually where you point out that it IS listed, and if it was, sorry I am blind.
    No Temple of Doom?? is this because it’s the return of the jedi of indiana jones movies? or has that trophy been passed on to kingdom of the crystal skull? Doom was one of those movies i watched over and over and over and over, and then got emotional when all the kids were freed and returned to their village-yay!

    • I didn’t even consider Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have some problems with Temple of Doom . . . frankly, I have some problems with most of the Indiana Jones movies . . . but I still like it a lot. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is kind of fun . . . but also kind of ridiculous and awful, all at the same time.

      I did think about includingTemple of Doom in the poll, but while I know people who like it (obviously, myself included), I so rarely hear anyone say that it’s their favorite that it didn’t seem necessary. Two Indiana Jones films seemed enough . . . especially when the list was already at 12 nominees.

      • I Love the Indiana Jones movies, at least 1-3, but I agree they have some problems. I think w/the Jones movies the fact that I enjoyed them so much as a kid,and really wasn’t critical, seems to override some of the crappy scripts and cheese(cheese particularly in Doom), that I can’t not notice as an adult.

        I really didn’t know that Doom isn’t a fav, but now that you mention it I have not heard much about it in quite a while. Growing up Temple of Doom and Return of the Jedi, which I compared it to in terms of it’s craptasticalness, were like everybody’s favs, and my slight but enough of an age difference to you(i think) might make that difference up. We all loved doom, and that we = the neighborhood kids and my brothers and friends at school. We heavily rotated Temple of Doom, Jedi, Gremlins and Ghostbusters after school.

        Anyway I remember comments about how Last Crusade was totally stupid b/c of the father son relationship and goofy “DAD!” when that came out…, but there was a lot of hype and love for the River Phoenix casting too, and I remember how exciting that was before the movie came out…so even though I think that one is one of the better Jones films next to Raiders, the goofy Sean Connery character and negative reviews for it stick out in my mind and maybe I’m a little influenced by that. I don’t know

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