Coming Soon-Ish: True Stories, Beetlejuice, and More Eddie Murphy . . .

Okay, first piece of news . . . Eddie Murphy will, in fact, be hosting the Oscars next year.

Say what?

I’m having a hard time getting excited about this bit of news. I can’t remember where, but I was reading some blogger that was really happy about this development, hoping that Murphy might bring back some much needed edge to the Oscars. And I was like . . . uh, Eddie Murphy hasn’t been edgy since the 1980’s.

But, you know, we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, he couldn’t be much worse than this guy, could he?

Yes, I may well have been the worst host the Oscars has ever had. Probably the worst host for any major awards show, period.


For the past couple of weeks, I’d been hearing a lot about this movie, but I just couldn’t work up the interest, despite the fact that it’s already getting critical darling Oscar buzz. Then, I went to the theaters and saw this very trailer . . .

. . . okay, I admit: now I’m interested.

Red Tails

Another trailer I saw at the theater today. And, admittedly, most war movies aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse anyway, but . . . God, this looks bad. I’m sorry. I’ve just read a few people who are eagerly anticipating this film, but for the life of me, I don’t understand why. I’m okay with the story, but some of the dialogue is awfully fucking cheesy, and that CGI? Bitch, please.

And while I’ve always felt a little bad for the downward spiral that Cuba Gooding Jr.’s career has become . . . when he and Terrence Howard are leading your film . . . that pretty much just means Don Cheadle and Will Smith were busy, right?


Apparently, Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies writer) wants to make some kind of Beetlejuice sequel-reboot hybrid? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, and I’m more than a little terrified of what this project might become. It seems exceptionally unnecessary.

I guess as long as this new movie doesn’t become like the cartoon? Admittedly, I did watch that cartoon as a kid, but seriously . . . why in the hell are Beetlejuice and Lydia friends, anyway?

Finally . . . Killer Elite

Well, this looks fun and silly. I particularly like the part where Clive Owen opened his mouth and talked. You know, pretty much any time that happened.

But . . .  uh . . . based on a true story?

Um. Um.

I’m guessing it’s not based very closely.

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