Does The Sound of Music Come With A Splatter Zone? I Don’t THINK So!

Ever watch Evil Dead? Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn? Perhaps even Army of Darkness?

If you liked these films (or if you just like being splattered with blood) then you need to see this:

I just watched this in Martinez tonight, and it was a lot of fun. (Although, I should mention: the production I saw was definitely a bit lower budget than the trailer above. Still. That was actually part of the fun, honestly.)

I’m not going to write a full review or anything, but here are a couple of notes I have about the production I saw:

1. If you sit in the splatter zone, you will get DRENCHED with fake blood. It’s epic. If you do not want to get drenched with fake blood . . . er, sit up further than you think you need to. (At least in the theater I went to. I thought we were safe. I was wrong.)

2. The lead actor pulled every Bruce Campbell pose and mannerism he could think of. It was awesome.

3. My only real complaint about the whole thing: a couple of girls were really hard to hear when they were singing, mostly because they were wearing these masks that seemed to interfere with the sound. The dialogue was all fine. I just could barely hear any of Cheryl’s lyrics.

4. But the songs—and the script in general—were hilarious. My favorite songs of the night were “What The F*** Was That?” “Bit Part Demon,” and “All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons.”

5. Love the random prop master guy.

6. Love the nods to all the movies, including a few funny lines pointing out some of the story’s inconsistencies.

7. And, finally, I like how they handled the, er, somewhat notoriously icky tree scene. That was clever.

This is playing in Martinez, California for a whole two more nights before going to . . . Oklahoma, I think? If you’re interested, there’s more information at the site here.

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