Clearly, You Guys Like Indiana Jones . . .

Out of all the Spielberg films in all the world (well, out of the list I provided), your favorite movie is . . .

Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Despite some people’s belief that Raiders had this one in the bag, this poll was actually a pretty close race.  Raiders of the Lost Ark only beat Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by one vote, and The Last Crusade only beat Jurassic Park by one vote. Fourth place honorable mentions are shared by Jaws, Schindler’s List, and Hook (despite some serious distaste for Hook in the comments section).

It should also be noted that there was some write-in love for Temple of Doom, which I had decided not to add to the poll because, well, I didn’t think I needed to. I still don’t think that it would have won over Raiders OR The Last Crusade, but hey. I like the movie too.

Also: every nominee got at least one vote. This man’s movies have been incredibly popular. We’ll see if this continues with one of Spielberg’s upcoming projects, which is a historical film about President Abraham Lincoln. I have to be honest, though. Despite Spielberg’s impressive prowess, I’m much more interested in this version of Lincoln’s life:

Hopefully coming to a theater near you in 2012!

10 thoughts on “Clearly, You Guys Like Indiana Jones . . .

  1. Hook can’t be his worst movie for the simple fact that it contains John Williams’ greatest score. Hands down. It’s a masterpiece that is comparable to any classical work of the last two hundred years.

    • Pat. I’m glad you aren’t saying, “I told you so.” Cause if you did, I’d have to remind you that you said, “How is this even going to be a question?”, implying that Raiders would blow out the competition, not narrowly squeak by a single vote. But I don’t have to remind you of that, because you aren’t saying anything. And now we are both pleased 🙂

  2. I’m one of the ones that voted for Hook. It’s not a great movie, I will admit that. It’s hardly even a good movie. And it is certainly not Spieberg’s best. But it never ceases to make me smile. And it has Rufio in it. And…I just like it. So it’s my favorite.

  3. You said in the poll’s comments thread that you might do something on all Spielberg’s movies at some point. Does that include Sugarland Express and The Color Purple? I think those are the only two I haven’t seen.

    Really glad to see that there weren’t many votes for Close Encounters or f***ing E.T. Seriously, keep Spielberg away from aliens. To be honest, the stuff involving that skull in Indiana Jones IV was probably the best bit, but the ending was ridiculous. Ridiculous endings seem to be the norm for Spielberg alien movies.

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