. . . And I’m Back.

Haven’t written much in the past five days or so (sorry about that), but I do have some results for you. Last week’s poll: Which 80’s movie would you most like to see turned into a television show?

The winner . . .

Back to the Future!

I’m trying to decide how this would work as a TV show. As some of the commenters noted, there’s definite potential in making it a time-traveling-problem-of-the-week program a la Quantum Leap, but I’m concerned that this might get old kind of quickly. There’s only so many times Marty can get stuck in the past because he managed to fuck up the DeLorean again. Still. Might be doable. Bring on the Chuck Berry!

Second place goes to Blade Runner, which I think could be absolutely awesome if done well. I just want to see the landscape and the costumes. I wish we had more dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic television shows. The Breakfast Club and Lethal Weapon—probably the easiest movies to turn into television shows—were shut out of third place by Aliens, which would be . . . interesting . . . to see. I think it would highly depend on who they cast as Ripley. Sorry, guys, it’s probably not going to be Sigourney Weaver.

As far as the ultimate loser of this poll . . . that particular honor goes to Red Dawn, the only nominee to get no votes at all. Sorry, you young, 80’s, pro-American rebels. No fighting Communists for you.

Well. Maybe after the movie remake finally comes out.

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