Will It Be Beetlejuice? The Bat? Or One of Five Films Starring Johnny Depp?

In honor of the first, horrifying look at Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows, I have a new question for you today.

Burton’s sort of a love em or hate em director, and even people who really do like his work usually hate at least one or two of his movies. To keep this poll manageable, I did make an executive decision to take a few of his more semi-universally despised projects out of the running. So if you’re looking for the Planet of the Apes remake . . . yeah. You won’t be finding that here.

And if you absolutely loathe every single one of Tim Burton’s movies, just on general principle . . . sorry. Better luck next week.

Poll is up for one week. Results will be posted September 26th.

12 thoughts on “Will It Be Beetlejuice? The Bat? Or One of Five Films Starring Johnny Depp?

  1. “Big Fish” is his masterpiece (and it’s got one of Elfman’s best scores to boot), and is, in my opinion, his most “complete” film from a storytelling perspective. It really blew me away in theaters ten years ago.

    “Sweeny Todd” is excellent, though I prefer the stage version and “Sleepy Hollow” is a lot of fun as well.

  2. I had a very hard time choosing between “Sweeney Todd” or “Big Fish”, but ultimately, I had to go with “Sweeney Todd”. It’s one of my very favorite plays, and I think the film version was masterful.

  3. Sleepy Hollow for pretty dresses, a character named Katrina (BWA HA), and Christopher Walken. Yes, I know this is not the only Tim Burton movie he was in, but he has the best teeth (while he still has a head) in this one. 😀

  4. I agree with Brandon about “Big Fish” – it’s far and away his best work, and has the most depth of emotion to it.

    That said, I still voted for Edward Scissorhands as my favorite.

    Best and favorite are not necessarily the same thing…

  5. I just realised that although I generally respect Burton as a director, I can’t say I’ve ever loved one of his movies wholeheartedly. Even when I really like his movies, I have problems with some aspect. The Anthony/Joanna storyline was paper-thin, IMO the characters in Edward Scissorhands were too style over substance, Batman himself is not nearly as interesting as the villains, every time Beetlejuice came onscreen the movie came to a screeching halt for five minutes so he could caper around acting wacky, and I’ve seen the others on the poll, but have since forgotten about them. Except Corpse Bride, which was adequate in virtually every aspect, and Sleepy Hollow, which I just didn’t like. I haven’t seen Ed Wood yet, maybe that’ll be his masterpiece for me.

    • I think it’s generally the look of Burton’s films rather than their actual content that impresses people. I find myself especially frustrated by Burton because his films often show so much promise only to have at least a few elements that ruin it.

  6. I voted for Sleepy Hollow–perfect balance of horror and whimsy. I guess that could be said for a lot of his movies, but that’s the only one I feel that was deliberately leaning towards horror. And since I love horror, and Tim Burton, well, that makes it the top choice for me.

    I will say that Ed Wood never fails to move me. It’s so sweet and sad and nostalgic.

  7. Couldn’t really vote for Batman now it’s been overshadowed by Nolan’s far superior films.

    In the end I picked “Mars Attacks” because I do find the aliens genuinely funny and at least the movie doesn’t take itself seriously and have all the stupid over-sentimental rubbish.

    I absolutely hate Edward Scissorhands. But then again as a big despiser of Burton’s movies, perhaps that’s not so surprising.

  8. Edward Scissorhands is probably one of my top-five favorite films of all time. If not top five, certainly top ten. I’m also a big fan of Batman and Beetlejuice.

    My affinity for those films probably has something to do with seeing them at such a young age. Batman Returns is one of the first movies I can remember seeing in the theater. (TMNT: Secret of the Ooze being the very first. “Go ninja, go ninja, go!”) I like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but Burton’s version of the caped crusader is still my favorite.

    Beetlejuice established my first impression of the afterlife. During most of my childhood I thought that when I die I’d be unable to leave my house for fear of being eaten by a giant sandworm. And Winona Ryder in that movie, OMG. I think her character is the reason I’ve always had a thing for gothic chicks.

    Edward Scissorhands is just so fantastic, though. I don’t see how anyone can NOT like that movie, although apparently some people do, judging by the comments. That film still breaks my heart to this day.

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like it, I just don’t love it. But admittedly I haven’t seen it since I was about fifteen, and I know a lot more about movies now, so it’s possible I’d change my mind if I watched it again.

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