And Now May I Present . . . The Emmy’s, 2011.

I mostly blog about movies here, but I can’t resist the urge to talk television as well. As the Emmy’s were on the other night . . . I had to write down a few reactions.


1. I have no idea who the, er, color commentator was, but he wasn’t nearly as funny as John Hodgman has been in the past. If Hodgman couldn’t make it, they should have gotten James Roday and Dule Hill for the job.

Dammit, that would have been awesome.

2. Although, you have to wonder . . . would they have gone? Psych has been ignored for five seasons by the Emmy’s, which I’ve more or less gotten used to, sadly. But no love for Cougar Town OR Community? I’m sure Modern Family is very funny and all, but good Lord, people. It is not the only worthwhile comedy out there.

And particularly with Community, too. Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, and Allison Brie all deserve acting nods. And the writing on that show . . . hell, Community deserves a nod for the two-part paintball finale alone.

3. I have never seen Mike and Molly, but the promos have succeeded in making it look terrible. That being said, I couldn’t be too upset about Melissa McCarthy’s win. I’ve liked her since Gilmore Girls. Good for her.

4. Plus, the whole beauty pageant thing was just inspired.

Hee. Love.

5. I am still saddened that Justified didn’t get a nod for writing. I’m ecstatic that they’re finally getting some praise for their acting—Margo Martindale was fantastic in second season—but I honestly believe Justified has some of the best dialogue I have EVER seen on television. And I’m gratified, at least, that someone else noticed that. (Warning: article include spoilers.)

6. The Drama category was so exciting. I’ve never even watched Friday Night Lights, and I was sort of stoked for Kyle Chandler getting the upset. And the Supporting category, my God. There were so many talented performers for both Supporting Actor and Actress. I would have been happy with almost anyone winning . . . although, admittedly, I was pulling a little bit for Walton Goggins.

Someday, Mr. Goggins. Someday.

7. I was a little nervous for Jane Lynch—I did not want three hours of Sue Sylvester screaming at us—but I actually thought she did a great job of hosting. I laughed a few times during that opening number. Admittedly, I didn’t really care for the Jersey Shore parody . . . but that’s mostly just because I’ve never seen Jersey Shore.

8. I was a little surprised to see that Mildred Pearce didn’t sweep, but then again, I didn’t really care, either way. In the entire miniseries/television movie section, the only thing nominated that I’ve actually seen is Sherlock.

It’s phenomenal. Where the hell is Season 2?

9. Some great evening gowns tonight . . . I’m very fond of Kate Winslet’s simple red dress . . . but what the holy hell is Julianna Marguiles wearing?

It’s like a fashionista spacesuit made out of styrofoam. It’s horrible.

10. Finally . . . here’s my mini-rant about the one part of the Emmy’s that I despised.

The In Memoriam portion of the evening is not about the singers. It’s about the dead people. Okay? We’re supposed to be remembering the dead people. So lets just go back to an orchestra, cut out the tacky star background, and watch nice clips of the dead people where we actually get to hear what they’re saying.

And if you absolutely have to use singers for whatever stupid reason, cut that corny-as-shit intro where they walk up from the audience, and for the love of God, hire better singers. “Hallelujah” is kind of overdone, sure, but I still like the song . . . when it’s not sung by people who sound like they’re trying to ram the words down your throat. Good God. That was one of the more overblown performances I’ve ever seen.

Please don’t do that to us again, Emmy’s. Please.

4 thoughts on “And Now May I Present . . . The Emmy’s, 2011.

  1. To me Modern Family just seems like a perfectly average family sitcom, purporting to modernize the family sitcom and ending up as the same thing with different trappings. Although I’m not really surprised it’s done so well at the Emmys for exactly that reason. It’s popular, it’s well-received critically, and it appears a lot fresher than it really is. Genuinely fresh sitcoms don’t tend to do as well from what I’ve seen.

    It’s insane that Community gets no love while Two & A Half Men has been nominated thirty times. I’m kind of surprised at this point that the Emmys have as much standing as they do, considering most of the TV-savvy world seems to consider them to be kind of bollocks.

    • I really was impressed with the drama category. There were some amazingly talented people up that have been wrongly snubbed in the past. But comedy . . . I don’t know. I’m not saying Modern Family doesn’t deserve the love it gets—it seems funny enough, and I liked the one episode I saw—but seriously, Two and a Half Men? What, did Jon Cryer get a sympathy vote?

      Still, this was easily one of the more exciting Emmy’s I’ve watched. I’m hopeful that 2012 is the year of Community.

      • I have to admit the only Drama contenders I’ve ever seen anything much of are Game Of Thrones, Dexter, House and unfortunately, Law & Order: SVU. Although Justified, Mad Men, and Friday Night Lights are on my “To Watch,” list.

        • Yeah, I’m missing a fair few too. I’m trying to work up the interest in Mad Men. I’ve also been thinking about trying out The Good Wife. Legal shows aren’t normally thing, but I’ve read good reviews and I really like Alan Cumming and Josh Charles.

          I know this doesn’t need to be said because I name drop them every other blog post, but I do highly recommend Justified. I think it’s my favorite show on television. If not, it’s top three. And I watch a lot of television.

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