Because Not All Science Fiction Can Be Like Moon . . .

As many of you are probably tired of hearing, I have a goal this year: watch 25 must-see sci-fi films by January 1st and review them here on this blog. And as of today, September 26th, 2011 . . . yeah, I’m a little behind. I can’t help it! There are so many other movies I’m interested in seeing . . . or films I just want to mock. I’m a girl who knows her mockery. I will not apologize for this.

But on the off-chance that I do complete my Sci-Fi Challenge this year . . . I thought I’d reward myself by watching one of the worst science fiction movies of all time and write a review that mocks the holy hell out of it. And there are a lot of bad films to choose from, folks. Anyone ever seen a clip from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians? WOW.

Still, I’ve looked around some, and there are two movies which always make everybody’s list of Worst Science Fiction Films of All Time. So I’ve come to you today, sci-fi lovers, to ask for your help:

I’ve never watched either of these films, so I eagerly await your opinion.

3 thoughts on “Because Not All Science Fiction Can Be Like Moon . . .

  1. Plan 9 is a genuinely enjoyable film in spite of its script, budget, and acting. You can tell that Ed Wood cared and honestly thought he was making something good. Battlefield Earth is…just bad on every level.

  2. I’ve never seen Battlefield Earth but it gets my vote due to it being written by the bat shit crazy proponent of a bat shit crazy religion lol.

  3. Plan 9 will be more fun to mock.

    The thing about Battlefield Earth is that it isn’t fun to mock. It’s just dreck. If you go into it expecting a good movie you’ll hate it (obviously), but if you go into it expecting a bad movie you’ll fall asleep. John Travolta does his hammy acting which was fun in Broken Arrow, but in Battlefield Earth it’s just painful because there’s not enough drama to go along with it.

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