Coming Soon-Ish: Bounty Hunters, Ender’s Game, and Ghostface. Again.

One For The Money

This looks kind of dumb . . . but potentially amusing, especially given that Katherine Heigl isn’t playing the same uptight, bitchy, Meg Ryan-on-steroids role that she’s done for every other movie for the past five years. Heigl’s easy to mock (like when she thoughtlessly slams movies that made her career), but she can be likable and is not entirely without talent . . . I just don’t think I can watch another I-have-no-sense-of-humor-and-I-scream-at-men-because-I’m-super-independent type of role.

This looks a little better than Jennifer Aniston’s The Bounty Hunter, anyway. And Jason O’Mara could be kind of adorable.

Scream 5

Apparently, Scream 5 is most likely a go. I’m not thrilled about this, despite loving the original film. The series hasn’t exactly been what you’d call consistent, and while there were a lot of interesting ideas and moments in Scream 4, it was wildly uneven. More to the point, the film felt resolved, complete. I really don’t know where the story would go from here, and honestly, I’m not that interested in finding out.


I watched this trailer because of Margo Martindale and the epic awesomeness that just won her an Emmy. From the trailer, I’m guessing that she’s quite the powerhouse here too . . . but boy, does this movie look depressing. I don’t think it’s anything I’m going to watch anytime soon.

Ender’s Game

I read this book a few months ago and, overall, I really enjoyed it. When I heard that they were planning a movie adaptation, I was like . . . oh. Well, that’s going to be . . . challenging. I wondered if the project would fall apart before it even got going, but today I read about a casting call for some of the main characters. If you’re interested, there are details here, but be warned: this article is chock-full of spoilers.

I’m excited by screenwriters Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Fringe, Star Trek) but am considerably more nervous about director Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). I’m also desperately curious about the actors who end up getting cast. If ever a movie depended upon a ridiculously strong child actor, it would be the dark story that is Ender’s Game.

Finally . . . John Dies at the End

I’ve thought about reading this novel for months now but have never quite gotten around to buying it. Now, I’m kind of interested again. Despite the fact that this movie clearly has an element of “is this real or are you crazy”—something that normally drives me nuts—this trailer just looks so fantastic and bizarre and strange that I can’t help being intrigued.

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Bounty Hunters, Ender’s Game, and Ghostface. Again.

  1. Scream 5 was planned from the get-go when Scream 4 was in development. They want another fully Trilogy…so expect part 6 if this one has legs.

    As for Ender’s Game…I get torn on that. I like the book….but Orson Scott Card is a batshit insane crazy person on multiple levels and I’m not sure I want to contribute to his continued success.

    • While Card certainly has his views on things, views I (and I presume you) do not always share, I think to call him “batshit insane” might be taking it a little to far.

      That said, I completely think that Ender’s Game would make an awesome movie. If they did it right. And so far I have my misgivings. I’m not a huge fan of Orci and Kurtzman. They have thier place, but seeing as how they are also at least somewhat responsible for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I would preffer to see them somewhere very very far away from Ender. Thier sometimes juvenile sense of humor (already evidenced by the includsion of a fat kid who eats other people’s deserts) would only serve to detract from the film overall. And as for the director. Eh. I’m not entirely convined the issues with Wolverine were not script related, but it still doesn’t give him a good track record.

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